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What are you doing this weekend?! That's the main question Yohomo sought to answer when we first started our little party monster. It has since grown into an online hub for everything queer happening in Toronto. Yohomo exists to bring Toronto's LGBTQ2+ communities together by shining spotlights on everyone's parties, events, plays, screenings and meetups with our listings, our exclusive music mixes, playlists, profiles and fiestas (that's right, we know how to throw a damn good party too.) We've also got a shop with classic Yohomo Tee's and limited edition pieces as well! Every penny you spend goes directly back into running the website. 


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Armand Digdoyo

Brand and sponsorships
[email protected]

Diego Armand is the co-founder and editor of Yohomo and is a hoarder of both music and sneakers. Once the Style Life columnist for FAB and Xtra, Diego lives for the hustle now as a DJ / promoter and freelances in fashion direction.


Phil Villeneuve

[email protected]

Philip Villeneuve is a Toronto DJ, dancer and editor. He has two monthly residencies, makes YouTube videos of himself dancing in public for no reason is and is the co-founder of Yohomo. He was once editor of Fab Magazine and arts editor at Xtra in Toronto. He now splits his time into 100 different pieces around Toronto.


Mathieu Bellemare

Digital and Business
[email protected]

Mathieu is a  web guy based in Toronto. After being a showboy on cruise lines and a burlesque perfomer, he decided to leave the sequins and feathers behind to start working behind a computer with these lovely other homos and conquer the world through the interwebs.


Raphael Sanchez

Events intern
[email protected]

Raphael Sanchez is an artist, deejay and creative director based in Toronto, Canada. When he isn’t hustling as a full-time freelancer, he can be found at your local arcade playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Arianne Tong - She/Her
Humourist - Here, queer, deal with it.

Elie Chivi - He/Him
Elie Chivi is a Dubai-born, Toronto-based, all black wearing, Gwyneth Paltrow-apologist.

JP Larocque - He/Him
TV Writer. Journalist. Comedy Guy. Formerly of 1Girl5Gays, currently of eyebrows for days. Jokes and views are his very own.

Justin Gray - He/Him
Justin is a freelance writer, filmmaker, and drag performer based in Toronto. His personality is boarder line shy/wild and favourite noun is Chanel.

Michael Yerxa - He/Him
Mike Yerxa has written pieces for Interview Magazine, Xtra, Fab, and Cineplex.com. He is a Toronto based television producer and a lifelong figure skating super fan.

Nala Ismacil - She/Her
Nala Ismacil is a writer, collage artist, booker/promoter for arts collective Babely Shades and has recently added DJ to the list.

Pablo Muñoz - He/Him
Pablo Muñoz is a Colombian-born, Toronto-based designer and artist. He makes furniture, interactive public art installations and feels weird writing about himself in the third person.

Ryan English - He/Him
Ryan English is a Toronto based arts and entertainment writer who came of age when blacking out at St. Marc's Spa and Sneakers on Yonge Street was still a rite of passage for any sensible, young gay man.


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Daniel DeSouza - Website

Kyle Burton - @kyleburton

Wade Muir - @wademuir

Lesley Fraser
Editor extraordinaire


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