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Authentically You: Finding Courage in Vulnerability

Authentically-You-Finding-Courage-in Vulnerability

“Authentically You: Finding Courage in Vulnerability

Our courageous journeys towards acceptance and self-love are often riddled with resistance, fight, loss, change and ultimately, the hope for celebration of personal and shared victories. Our authenticity therefore, partly identifies with that struggle, voicing the unvoiced and plowing through fields of judgement.
But what if we would allow ourselves to look beyond what society is infusing into our identity? What if we allowed ourselves to be who we really are by letting go of internal and external expectation? To live and lead from our hearts, with compassion and connection? How do we find courage in leading others through our own vulnerability?

Two-Day Queer Workshop
This unique 2-day workshop gives you the opportunity to explore yourself as a leader on both the personal and professional level, and develop a courageous vision of who you really want to be, incorporating your authenticity, strengths and vulnerability.

Packed with joy and self-development, you will:
• Do the famous ELI-assessment Forbes recommends to all leaders
• Bring out your own leadership vision of who you authentically want to be
• Deeply explore and address your attitudes, perceptions of the world, what blocks you, what inspires you and how that is effecting your personal and professional results
• Discover what finding courage means in relation to being vulnerable
• Develop a roadmap of how to realize your authentic leadership vision and how you can lead, inspire and motive others
• Collaborate with others & receive feedback/support from a professional coach team

For who: LGBTQ+ community &
Duration: 2 consecutive days
Participation Fee: 400 CAD (including materials and the ELI assessment, excluding lunch)
Location: 401 Richmond, Toronto, ON
For more information, see contact details at the bottom of this page

Karla & Minou: who are we?
Minou is a Professional Certified Coach who works globally with individuals and groups and is a coach trainer in Europe (for iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). She has a background in social pedagogy, social work, non-profit management and leadership development.
Karla is a gender studies major and aspiring counselor, has worked as a journalist both in Canada and abroad, and has spent the majority of her professional life working with at risk and marginalized individuals. She currently work for a non-profit organization, providing support to individuals who have a duel diagnosis of mental health and intellectual disability.

In our personal and professional lives the conversation around authentic leadership and the relation to vulnerability has often come to the forefront, and these days more than ever. With our joint experiences in leadership, often in complex contexts and multi-problem systems, we decided to put together a program aiming to support the professional and personal growth of people who are looking to lift their formal or informal leader roles to a higher level.

For registration or more information contact Karla Kenny: 1 709 763 3825 or email [email protected] or [email protected] or click the 'Going' button and we will contact you.

*Energy Leadership is developed by iPEC/Bruce D. Schneider and is based on more than 30 years of research and experience.”