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Dumpster Racoon's Summer of Verhoeven: Robocop

  • Revue Cinema 400 Roncesvalles Avenue Toronto, ON, M6R 2M9 Canada (map)

ALL SUMMER LONG, Dumpster Raccoon Cinema tackles the KING of misunderstood trash cinema, PAUL VERHOEVEN!

USA 1987 102min. R
Directed by Paul Verhoeven
Starring Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Dan O'Herlihy, Ronny Cox

Somehow ONE BRILLIANT MIND working across a myriad of genres produced the all-time classics of dumpster cinema, and this summer we're screening the holy trilogy of his misread classics: Join us for ROBOCOP! Dumpster Raccoon's Summer of Verhoeven: Showgirls (1995) And Dumpster Raccoon's Summer of Verhoeven: Starship Troopers (1997)!

Come see the strange contours of Verhoeven's brutalist, ultraviolent aesthetic abut against his surprisingly yearning, thoroughly humanist ethic! Watch one of cinema history's greatest tragedies unfold, as a genius satirists's texts are, time and time again, misread by his enthusiastic frat-bro audience!

You only THINK you've seen them before!

In July, ROBOCOP: a grim, unimaginable dystopia of privatized police and prison systems (......) is the setting for a parable about the terrible mechanization and corporatization of law enforcement - and the necessity for recovering some semblance of the humanity America has perhaps lost forever. Plus the dad from THAT 70S SHOW is the bad guy and a mutant gets his by a car and explodes into goop. NOT TO BE MISSED!

In August, we screen the unforgettable, bewildering camp classic SHOWGIRLS: a neon-noir disasterpiece about Las Vegas sexploitation brimming with titillation and one too many femme fatales as Nomi Malone - Elizabeth Berkley, fresh from SAVED BY THE BELL and trying, very hard, to cut loose - takes on the tinsel and trappings of the casinos and the strip. Watch as the most bafflingly unsexy sexy movie unfolds and explodes - and Verhoeven aims a surprisingly focussed laser-beam at the entertainment industry's ruthless exploitation of women. A sumptuously shot, dazzlingly pyrotechnic camp comedy masterpiece - join the crowd for an unbelievable cinematic experience!

Then, in September, it's STARSHIP TROOPERS: when Paul Verhoeven was asked to adapt Heinlein's sci-fi classic, he set about trying to read it - and found the book to be such fascist trash he tossed it across the room. The result is a vicious lampoon of America's fascist decline and rising militaristic propaganda....that was so spectacularly misread by its audience that it remains praised (and damned) for its "pro-military" slant. See Casper Van Dien and Denise Richards look Very Beautiful In a Specific Nineties Way and do...well, their very best, bless their hearts. Beautiful people! Ugly bugs! The prediction of the pop-up ad! A whole lot of 90s ultra-violence, and one of the Golden Girls as a ruthless military scientist! - ANTHONY OLIVEIRA

All accompanied by live drag performances, pre-show commentary, and the best theatre audience in Toronto! Join us for the SUMMER OF VERHOEVEN!!!