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Eyeblink: Hashtag Solidarity

  • Gardiner Museum 11 Queens Park Toronto, ON, M5S 1K6 Canada (map)

In support of the exhibition YOKO ONO: THE RIVERBED, Eyeblink is a three-part monthly screening and performance series that draws inspiration from Ono’s 1960s and 1970s filmmaking.

Hashtag Solidarity, an art party co-presented with The RUDE Collective,Xpace Cultural CentreGardiner Museum, and Pleasure Dome, will explore the limits and effects of bourgeois activism within the arts. How do sustainable solidarity and agreeable allyship manifest in arts and culture?

Yoko Ono’s shorts, no.4, more commonly known as Bottoms, stemmed from an interest in examining the seriousness of experimental cinema, as well as its potential for humour. Ono also looked to experiment with form and rhythm, hence the close-ups of male and female buttocks. Her script read, “a string of bottoms together in place of signatures for petition for peace.” Two versions with similar aesthetics (created in 1966) were made, one featuring her artistic circle in New York and the next featuring members of the London scene.

While watching the feature length version of Bottoms, questions arose for Eyeblink’s curators on the legacy and nostalgia for artworks produced during the anti-war climate of the 60’s and 70’s. In contrast with today’s art practices, who is perceived as a subversive artist? What is at stake when making political art? Whose political artwork is deemed more efficient and/or valuable and why? What is the point of solidarity and allyship when it remains within the confines of the exhibit- who benefits? What does sustainable solidarity look like?

Hashtag Solidarity features works by Kiera Boult, Sancta Maria, and Ninkuru Zinduru, projections by Erica Whyte and blackpowerbarbie, and a DJ set by Myst Milano.

Admission includes entry to Yoko Ono: THE RIVERBED.

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