10 queer (ish) shows to see at Canadian Music Week 2019

10 queer (ish) shows to see at Canadian Music Week 2019

The top shows at Canadian Music Week 2019 range from pop to disco, future R&B to capital “C” Cunt. The fest is unique in that it takes over dozens of music venues across the city for a marathon of impressive shows, and while not all artists listed identify as queer, we’re definitely fans.

You can buy single tickets to these events, but we recommend you get a festival wristband for $75, which gives you access to most if not all the shows – other than the biggest ones, such as Azealia Banks. Here is the list of what and who we are excited to see at CMW 2019 in order of appearance!

Emily Rose 

as part of - Drake Underground showcase
Tuesday May 7th - Starts at 6:30pm - Emily at 7pm
Drake Underground 

This 21-year-old Toronto pop artist is one of our favourite discoveries on the CMW roster. Her sound is fresh, fun, exciting, and homegrown. Can’t wait to see what comes out of her live, but from what we can tell from her latest release and the cutest social-media presence ever, it will be killer.

Azealia Banks and Tasha the Amazon

Wednesday May 8th - 9pm
Phoenix Concert Hall 

If you haven’t been to Azealia Banks’s show, it’s a mash of diehard fans, music aficionados, and queers freaking out and screaming to every track, making for a crazy, electric evening. And bonus: Tasha the Amazon is opening! She was hand-picked by Banks herself and is a ferocious rapper. There’s huge buzz around her, so don’t miss either show. 


as part of - Bovine sex club showcase
Wednesday May 8th - Starts at 8pm - Andrés at 11pm
Bovine Sex Club

We did a full Q&A last year with this cutie ahead of the release of their first album. A pop star in the making and an electro lover who dances on every beat, Sierra is doing an intimate, more acoustic set with a piano for this show. 


as part of - UNCDTNL Support Presents
Wednesday May 8th, Starts at 8:30pm - Sydanie at 9:30pm
Baby G

We are OBSESSED with Sydanie, who is creating some of the most amazing rap we have in the city right now, and the beats that are coming with it are just unmatched. This raw talent from Toronto recently released her first EP, 999, which flooded our basements, if you know what we mean. Imagine this live show? 


as part of - Do right music & Exclaim! present: Do Right Music Showcase
Thursday May 9th - Starts at 6:30pm - Tush at 10pm

We featured the lead vocalist of this amazing seven-piece band last month in a piece about our top 10 Black queer artists to watch, and we are so happy to see them on the lineup. Bring your comfy sneakers and be prepared to dance and bounce for a FULL set of high-energy disco and electro. 

Dre Ngozi and Nino Brown

as part of - Futuro Libre MIIM Spanish Embassy Presents
Thursday May 9th, Starts at 8pm - Dre Ngozi at 9pm - Nino Brown at 11pm
Velvet Underground

If you read Yohomo often, or if you go out anywhere in this city, you understand how many powerhouses are colliding on this project. Nino is one of the founders of Yes Yes Y’all and Montreal’s Cousins party and opens for some of the best artists touring in the city. Dre Ngozi was featured on Boiler Room TV and Noisey and is one of the most in-demand DJs in Toronto. This evening promises to be a fiery one. Expect to leave dripping in sweat. 

Shay Lia

as part of - Blue Crane Agency, Afrofest and CMW presents
Friday May 10th, Starts at 6:30pm - Shay Lia at 10pm
Longboat Hall

Shay Lia is a rising star from Montreal. Gaining traction on the streaming platforms, she now has her sights set on the charts with her smooth lyrics and killer beats. She also happens to work with some of the best in the industry, such as Kaytranada, who produced a bunch of her tracks. You can’t miss his signature sound under her killer vocals. It’s like Shay butter (yes, it’s a pun – deal with it) for your soul. Oh, and Zaki Ibrahim is also on the lineup. If you’ve never seen her live, change your life and be here.

Annie Sama

as part of - Duprince Simone Records 
Friday May 10th, Starts at 8:30pm - Annie at 11pm
Baby G

This is industrial-pop amazingness who works across 100 mediums, including fashion, music, and dance. Sama looks like a goddess, and we highly recommend following her on Instagram for her sense of style, but also please listen to her tracks. It’s giving us all the feels and also making us horny all at once? We’re confused in a very good way. 

Casey MQ

as part of - POP Montreal
Saturday May 11th, Starts at 8:30pm - Casey at midnight
Baby G

You can hear and see this beauty as a member of Toronto arts-and-party-collective Raven’s Vision, but this is your chance to catch them in a set featuring original material. This experimental artist loves to play with an array of sounds, moving from ambient to full-out dance. 

CMW runs May 6–12 at venues all over Toronto. For all the info about this year’s artists and lineup – and trust us, there is NO WAY we could cover everything that is happening – check out the official Canadian Music Week website, where you can also pre-order a wristband.

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