Best lesbian events at Toronto pride 2018

Best lesbian events at Toronto pride 2018

Toronto Pride might as well be a leather-clad unicorn, mascara on point, draped in a technicolour dreamcoat. Every year it seems to get bigger, more over-the-top, and spread wider, and that’s not only because the LGBTQ community continues to thrive in this diverse city, but because, well, Toronto just knows how to party

In the midst of all this glitter, glam, and these big, bouncy (often male-centric) parties, where can a lesbian get her shimmy on in 2018? Luckily, there is no shortage of fun parties you can plant yourself at, and we’ve done the work to find the crème de la crème. Although, to be honest, we’re pretty sure that if you take a casual stroll down Church Street with a positive attitude (and bonus points for a confetti gun), chances are you’ll find yourself having an incredible time no matter where or who you are.

Kitty Nights Burlesque: PRIDE! Featuring Ray Gunn

Saturday, June 16 | 10pm–2:30am | Starting at $20
Sopra Upper Lounge

It wouldn’t be Pride unless you kicked things off with a good ol’ fashioned burlesque ball. This is sure to be an incredible show, with the talented cabaret kween Ray Gunn set to perform. Get ready to howl at the stage because, damn, they’ve got some moves you’ll probably want to try at home. Just sayin’...


’Til Sunrise Island Party

Sunday, June 17 | 1PM–9pm | $20
Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island

Beach, babes, booze ... HEL-LO! It sounds like a goddamn dream. Featuring sounds from Latinx superstar DJ Djon, big-anthem expert John Caffery, and feel-good house-music healer Phillippe, this is the perfect opportunity to soak up some sun and meet some new additions to your queer crew in time for the main festivities the following weekend. Pretty good for a lazy Sunday. 

Raven’s Vision

Saturday, June 23 | 10PM–2AM | Starting at $10
The Beaver

In case you need a break from Pride madness in the Village, head to Raven’s Vision at The Beaver. I mean, the name alone is a siren song to us, no? With a lineup that includes Myst Milano and Casey MQ, this party is a good look for a dirty West End party. The patio is worth the trip to the bank, though. Just sayin’. 


Friday, June 22 | 6pm–2am | Free, baby
Church & Gould Streets, South Stage

Get a taste of the West End queer scene with the performances on the South Stage all night long. Get your game face on, because it’s going to get down and dirty with hosts House of Filth and their hardcore/electro/dub gang, including Above Top Secret, Montreal’s neo-soul kawaii hip-hop duo Hua Li, and trans-Iranian rap superstar Säye Skye. If you’re looking for things to get weird in the best way, you can’t go wrong here.


Unicorn Ball

Friday, June 22 | 10pm–2:30am | $7
Round Venue

First of all, Round is incapable of offering anything other than a raucous good time, so that’s your first clue. Second of all, everything you need to know is in the title of the event. DJ Mary Mack (Pittsburg) and DJ Maggy (Toronto) are on the deck, so get ready for some queer anthems, cute pop, and bangers that’ll set the mood for getting up close and personal. Queers of all kinds will find something (or someone) they’ll love here.


Bad Habits Social Reimagined Pride Party

Friday, June 22 | 10pm–5am | Starting at $20
Fly 2.0

In the heart of the Village, this is set to be an absolute rager, with incredible DJs from home and abroad spinning all night long. Kim Anh, coming in hot from LA, is certainly going to leave you sweating. If you don’t believe us, just try listening to her SoundCloud and not ending up in a full-on dance rave in your bedroom, alone and naked. Yes, it’s that good. 


Toastr Pride 2018

Saturday, June 23 | 9:30pm–3:30pm | Starting at $20
BerBer Social House

A staple for any lesbian lookin’ for love or just wanting to dance or prance around with our amazing community of fresh females, Toastr is back at it again this Pride with another party you won’t want to miss. This is a great event, especially for newbies to the queer scene, to let loose, if you know what I mean ;)


The Glitter Ball

Saturday, June 23 | 10pm–5am | Starting at $20
Fly 2.0

You could spend the whole weekend at Fly 2.0 and be a happy camper. As if the promise of glitter and big club sound wasn’t enough of a draw, you can expect some truly wild performances here. Backflipping drag queens in heels? Sure, that sounds cool, but it’s going to blow your f*cking mind when you actually see it. Trust me! There’s something here for everyone, with Australia’s DJ Kitty Glitter alongside Toronto’s Geoff Kelleway in the main room with LEVI, and $hera and Sumation playing hip hop, R&B, and reggae in the Bunker Bar. (Full disclosure, expect a lot of friendly fellas at this party as well.)


Cherry Bomb: Love Is Electric

Saturday, June 23 | Doors open 10pm | Starting at $20
The Mod Club

If you’re familiar with Cherry Bomb’s monthly events, then I don’t need to convince you that DJs Cosmic Cat and Denise Benson know how to throw a rager. This is the official Dyke Day after-party, so if you are a lady who loves ladies, or support ladies loving ladies, this is a great place for you to strut your stuff.


Awaken: Youth Showcase

Sunday, June 24 | 6pm–11pm | Free, baby
Church & Isabella Streets, North Stage

After dancing your face off at the parade, get your cute little butt over to the North Stage, where Toronto’s up-and-coming artists are showing off their talents! Performances are by under-25 acts that are the best in their respective disciplines, so if you love art (and what queer doesn’t, really?) this is where you want to plant yourself Sunday evening.


Sunday T-Dance

Sunday, June 24 | 2pm–11pm | $20 advance
Berkeley Bicycle Club

Does dancing in the summer with strangers under the sun on a huge patio sound cool? It is. The DJ lineup alone is not to be missed, and the music combined with proximity to the Village is unbeatable. If you didn’t get enough on Dyke Day, this is the only place to wrap up your Pride weekend. 

Check out our FULL 2018 Pride Guide for every event happening every day over the big weekend, and have a safe, fun as hell Pride!

Lead photo take by Julia Viola at 2017 T Dance. 

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