From Saga Collectif’s multi-disciplinary Black Boys to Buddies co-founder Sky Gilbert’s Truvada drama It’s All Tru, here are Yohomo’s take on the five shows to see for the 2016/17 season. 

Blind Date
Rebecca Northan’s Blind Date kicks off Buddies' 2016/17 season after shocking audiences in sold out shows from New York City to London’s West End. In this queer re-working of the original, actors Julie Orton and David Benjamin Tomlinson take audience participation to new heights by bringing unsuspecting theatre-goers onstage for an impromptu 90-minute romance.

Runs 'till Sunday, October 9

Black Boys
Stage veterans Saga Collectif, comprised of artists Tawiah Ben M’Carthy, Thomas Olajide and Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, have come together for Black Boys — a tour de force production that examines the identities of three men and challenges broader cultural assumptions of Black queerness. Directed by Jonathan Seinen and choreographed by Dora Mavor Moore Award nominee Virgilia Griffith, this one promises to be one of the more hard hitting, stunning productions for the upcoming season.

Runs Saturday, November 19–Sunday, December 11

Diane Flacks is no stranger to queer audiences across Canada. The writer and actor has been involved in various productions at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre over the last quarter century and has written for The Kids in the Hall and contributed to CBC’s much-lauded radio program Definitely Not the Opera. Her new show Unholy sees four women—an Orthodox Jew, a feminist Muslim, a former nun and a lesbian atheist—go head to head in a panel-style production that is certain to be one of the more sought-after tickets this season.

Runs Saturday, January 15–Sunday, January 29

Blood Weddings
Director Soheil Parsa has given new life to Federico García Lorca’s seminal Spanish tragedy. First staged in 1933, the play has been adapted for screen, opera and translated for audiences on Broadway. Parsa’s production of the stage classic graced Toronto audiences at Buddies in 2015 racking up multiple awards including six Dora Mavor Moore Awards and two Toronto Theatre Critics Awards. Starring Beatriz Pizano, Bahareh Yaraghi and Carlos Gonzalez-Vio, Blood Weddings is sure to amass similar praise during its next run at Buddies.

Runs Saturday, March 4–Sunday, March 19

It's All Tru

Prolific playwright, drag queen, iconoclast and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre co-founder Sky Gilbert has entertained queer Toronto audiences as much as he has pissed them off over the last several decades. His new show It’s All Tru logically follows 2009’s successful and controversial I Have AIDS! Starring David Coomber and Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, who also appears in this season’s Black Boys, It’s All Tru tells the story of Kurt and Trevor, a married couple negotiating non-monogamy in the age of Truvada.

Runs Saturday, May 3–Sunday, May 14

To get times, more info on these plays and all the other good stuff happening over the next season at Buddies, head to their oh-fish-all website and have fun.

See you in the theatre!



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