Dolly Parton's 10 Gayest Moments

Dolly Parton's 10 Gayest Moments

10. Dolly talks to Larry King about why her gay and lesbian fans love her so damn much, and it's true.

9. The Dolly Parton Show on so many levels, including this Delta Burke skit and this inspirational speech in the tub below.

8. Dolly and Barbara Walters become best friends.

7. Dolly and Pee Wee Herman do a sketch together and capture our creepy little hearts.

6. Dolly performing Jolene for the 5,000,000th time. She'll perform it from her coffin and we still won't get tired of it, especially in this inspired look!

5. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is one of the greatest/gayest films of all time. Dolly plays a madame and hot AF Burt Reynold's plays her cop BF. Hard Candy Christmas and I Will Always Love You were both featured. Psst - you can actually watch the whole thing here

4. Baby I'm Burning', Dolly's attempt at a disco hit. It was actually a surprise disco hit and reached #15 on the charts. It of course charted at #1 in gay hearts across North America.

3. Dolly and Oprah make sweet talk show love. BONUS: They also sang together during one of Dolly's 1 million TV specials.

2. 9 - 5. She wrote it, she starred in it, she made it a massive hit. This song, video, film and new feminist era proved that Dolly can actually do anything. So shut up.

1. Potential New Boyfriend. This one peaked at 13 on the dance charts and was her best non-country charting single to date. More importantly it was played in the clubs, got the extended remix treatment and created the magical dance moment below.

Want more? Here are the weekend's Dolly events in Toronto! Yeeehaw!

Dolly Parton live in Toronto (September 9, Molson Amphitheater)

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Business Woman's Special: Hello Dolly (September 10, Round)




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