An interview with Lucy Stoole

An interview with Lucy Stoole

Once and a while a drag queen comes along that makes you stop in your tracks. Sometimes it's out of beauty. Sometimes it's out of talent and ferocity, and sometimes it's out of pure disgust. Lucy Stoole is that queen. 

After finding her feet as a strong queen of colour in Chicago's drag scene, her confidence, beard and filthy mind and mouth have been getting her into all the right kinds of trouble... and that includes an appearance at a new Toronto party called Boys Don't Cry. We sent her some questions over email and she graciously wrote us back. Thanks Lucy, see you Friday!

Please explain your drag style to a Torontonian queer who's never experienced Lucy Stoole?

Well, simply stated, I'm Chicago's Black, Bearded Beauty! Lucy's part glamour, all filth and a ton of fun wrapped up in pink cotton candy.

You’re engaged (we saw this on the internet!) Tell us one amazing thing about your man?

I could go on and on about his MANY talents but one thing that continues to amaze me is his work. He's one of the best photographers that has ever existed!

Tell us about your stoole (sorry to get so personal, but the PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW)

Rather healthy considering my diet of nothing but whiskey and butt.


Describe Chicago’s drag scene in three words…

Iconic. Inspiring. Idiotic.

Do you have a favourite act you like to whip out from time to time?

My favorite act is to Divine's song "I'm so beautiful"! There's a human dressed as a dog and a snickers bar involved...

Can you share any challenges of being a queer queen of colour and how did you deal with them?

COULD I EVER! On top of being a Black queer person in one of the most segregated cities in the US, I just had to be a radical and do drag in a beard. I basically started out with obstacles and then made more for myself hahahah!

Boystown has been (and still is in a lot of ways) a neighbourhood that has been marketed and historically catered towards cis gay white men. There was some drag queens of other races working in the "hood" but no one was running shows and being booked on a consistent basis. [No one was] a host or someone in charge. I came onto the scene when things were starting to change for the better and I knew what had to be done. I knew that I needed to be vocal about my opinions and work to change things so these spaces were meant for all our LGBTQ brothers and sisters of colour.

What’s your least favourite part about getting into drag?

Toss up between tucking and eyelashes. Both uncomfortable and both require some very careful placement

What are some of your favourite parties or queer-run business in your hometown?

OMG! Chicago is bursting with so much queer talent! Obviously, you should be going to anything I'm at especially my party Fabitat and my weekly hosting gig at Smartbar, Queen! Also, party's like Femmes Room at Berlin Nightclub and anything at Beauty Bar Chicago! Other than that, It Presents is throwing some rad parties that have definitely reinvented nightlife in some new spaces. There's so many amazing local designers like An Authentic Skidmark, CeeCee Larouge, Cole Durkee, Eda Yorulmazoglu and GNAT working here and decking out artists like me and so much more! 

Tell us about something like to do out of drag...

My future husband!

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