5 things you can't miss at the Feminist Fuck It Festival

5 things you can't miss at the Feminist Fuck It Festival


Get excited about the first-ever Feminist Fuck It Fest – it’s going to be a wild ride! The curated festival (theatre, comedy, music, and more) runs from April 11 to 22, with headlining production Ganga’s Ganja every night at 7:30 (matinees on Sundays), followed by nightly programming at 9 and 10:30pm. Tickets range from $15 to $50, and it all goes down at the Storefront Theatre, at 360 Geary Lane. To help you navigate, we've picked our six fave events. But honestly, it’s all going to be really fun, and it’s a great way to support this queer-run (hayyy, Claire and Sedina!) theatre. 

Here are our top 5 picks for the Feminist Fuck It Festival 2018.


Ganga's Ganja

April 11-22  |  7:30pm
Every night for two weeks, and Sundays at 2pm, catch Radha S. Menon’s story about two weed-smoking sisters who have their crop stolen by some shady-ass character who comes into their lives. Sex, cannabis, and family drama in one act. 



Love You Wrong Time

April 13 and 17  |  9pm
We can’t even try to write about this show as amazingly as the organizers have done, so we’ll let you have it in their own words: “Two hot Asian girls [Deanna Choi and Maddie Bautista] want to fulfil your fantasies, Daddy. Come on their shrewd and whimsical cabaret musicalizing yellow fever, unforgettable sexcapades, and the privilege of desire.”


Cute Tee By POC

April 14  |  3:30pm
Catch this cabaret featuring an impressive lineup of Indigenous, Black, people of colour, queer, and trans artists. If you need a dose of music, storytelling, and spoken word in your life right now, then roll up to this afternoon featuring Kiley May, Kim Ninkuru, Carolina Brown, Savannah Taylor, and Midnite Wol.


Elvira Kurt: Fearless & Funny AF

April 21  |  9pm
If you haven’t seen one of our city’s most legendary veteran comedians (she’s been making queers laugh for 30 years now), then book a ticket to this show, in which Kurt looks back at changes she’s seen in politics, feminism, and comedy itself. 




April 19  |  10:30pm
If you have never experienced the wonder that is Liza Paul, then do you, your friends, your fam, your pets, your life a favour and see this comedy cabaret. She and her ferocious partner in crime, Bahia Watson, call it “a good times island vaudeville frolic variety show.” We call it essential viewing.



April 11 | 10:30pm  &  April 14 | 9pm
We highly recommend you take your queer ass to see this punk-fem play from Maelstrom Art Collective. It’s an epic theatrical journey, seen through the eyes of 14 vilified figures from history, that will give you hope, inspire you to be bad, and maybe look at this Tr**p-infested world in a new way. 

On top of all this, Fay & Fluffy will read to kids, there's a Feminist Flea Market, Feminist Karaoke and loads of parties. Head to the Storefront Theatre website, and go get all the goods. 

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