7 Cool queers to follow this fall

7 Cool queers to follow this fall

Homos are always pushing the boundaries of what's cool, acceptable, niche and hot, so we thought we'd shine a light on some of our favourites this season. From music, to fashion, drag queens just LOL worth Instagrammers, here is our list of queer things to watch for this fall. 




We haven't heard from Shamir for a minute. Not since his royal freshness brought us On The Regular and Call It Off have we had such sass and ferociouness in music and on video. He took a break, and according to a Soundcloud state, he almost left music for good because of the pressurse of pop music. Then he dropped a new album to stream for free! And he's coming to bless Toronto with a show later next month. Album below.

Kevin Abstract

Rap thing Kevin Abstract caught our attention after his feature in the latest issue of Gayletter. He's from Texas and with versus like "“My boyfriend saved me / My mother's homophobic / I'm stuck in the closet / I'm so claustrophobic,” on his latest album American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story, he rhymes very openly about being a gay man of colour and what that was and is like. On top of all this he's got style and a star quality that's going to take him far.


Honey Djion

One of our fave big room DJs just released her debut album and it's sending the dance music world into a bit of a spintail! We love us some honey and The Best of Both Worlds is house music heaven. Pitchfork even loves it. 



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Xylk Lorena

Pronounced "silk", Lorena is a Toronto designer making noise in the world of t-shirts with his line of t-shirts that he's calling "Bboys Don't Drive." Check out this Complex article for a more well-rounded profile of the local designer and music fanatic. The shirts challenge typical masculine obsession with cars, and lays it out for all to see on shirts in a gorgeous way. If there was any way to see cars and sexy and gay, Lorena is doing it. We'd love to go on a date with him to a Monster truck rally. 

Best of Grindr

This Instagram account truly captures the comedy and frustrations of today's modern, internet-loving queer. It's hilarious and a good time for all members of the LGBTQ club. 

Tweet peaks

Andrea Jenkins


The first out trans woman of colour elected to public office in the United States is simply worth following, because. The fact that she even exists in a Trumpified America is fascinating, and she's cool as hell too. In her victory speech she said " I know firsthand the feeling of being marginalized, left-out, thrown under the bus. Those days are over. We don’t just want a seat at the table—we want to set the table." We bow down. We follow. 


Local kween



She might have just missed winning the Crews and Tango's Drag Race crown, but that hasn't stopped Priyanka from quickly rising up the Toronto drag ladder. That ladder is steep and covered in treacherous substances, so making it up to those higher steps is a big feat. She's now a regular at Woody's and Crews and Tangos, has wowed some of the city's stalwarts and is a Bollywood Princess! Follow her Facebook to check out latest events and see what we mean (she's also on Insta.)

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