8 Queer Publications You Must Read Right Now

8 Queer Publications You Must Read Right Now

Reading: the final frontier. Whenever I need to take a break from Netflix, Crave, Prime Video, or casually slipping into a YouTube K-hole – Tanacon was an inside job! – I go to my bookshelf and grab a magazine that I own (but totally haven’t read ’cause I always buy them with the intention of reading them in public so people think I’m a cultured fruit – but with a mustard stain on my shirt to humanize me). 

Queer and alternative magazines have always been an important resource for the LGBT community. They exist to lift us up, tell our stories, inspire us, but most importantly to remind us that we aren’t alone. With more and more of them shutting down as digital media outlets take over, though, the hunt for good quee publications can be difficult. So I went about my business and made a little list of magazines that I feel are a tickle trunk of queer interests for y’all to poke through.  

Also, I’m aware of the irony of writing about the decline of print journalism on an online platform, so don’t crack your fans in the comments section. Leave a comment instead about other publications that I may have overlooked!


With the intention of being a source for women who have little or no references in the lesbian community, LSTW (Lez Spread the Word) is a bilingual publication that focuses on being a positive printed space for queer women. 


Original Plumbing  

Having been in print since 2009, Original Plumbing is dedicated to trans male culture and offers a mix of introspective articles along with some stellar photo series. 



Elska titles each of its issues after a city. Within the pages you’re greeted by a collection of men from that city and interviews with each of them. It’s beautiful and always enjoyable to see people photographed in their natural environment. 



Claiming to be “the first post-gay publication” – I’m not entirely sure what that means, but yeah – Gayletter should be a staple in any queer library. It’s a biannual magazine that embraces the best of queer culture while doing away with labels. 



Man, they throw a hell of a launch party! Phile is a biannual journal that explores sexual subcultures, trends, and communities, whether obscure or popular. 



A mix of zine ideology and high concept design, Milkweed is a sex-positive feminist magazine that marries art, photography, and writings into a one-stop source of erotica.



Pansy is about challenging and redefining the narrative of being a man; about wearing pearls, picking flowers, and denim on denim. A menswear magazine that could give two shits about social norms, it reminds you that you can never wear too much blush.

"Lutteur". Personal Project.


Focusing on creative, Plastik is filled with intensely stylized photos and an outlandish amount of neon. Thumbing through this magazine is a visual clusterfuck of colours. You have to see it and their Instagram.  


If we missed any queer publications that you love, let us know! We’d love to include them in a future piece.

Don’t forget to check out Soop Soop on Dundas West. They’ve always good a super impressive wall of art and fashion mags… all queer in nature of course.

The lead image for this piece was taken from Gayletter, who we love.

Gyal Dem Fiyah: Ellise/Elle Barbara

Gyal Dem Fiyah: Ellise/Elle Barbara

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