All the Toronto DJs and artists behind our Late Night party

All the Toronto DJs and artists behind our Late Night party

Toronto is over flowing with hot hot hot DJ talent, which is why we continuously throw parties packed with local talent. Sure, it’s nice have an out-of-town guest, but we STAN for so many queers in this city, we decided to make our winter party all about them.

On Friday, February 22, we’re throwing our late night party (last call is at 4am!) and we’ve stacked the lineup with DJs who have done mixes for us. You’ll also be surrounded by some of our favourite drag legends and hosts (folx we love in the city doing cool shit). We’ve also worked with local installation artist Justin De Lima to transform the space into a queer, after hours party cave. Find them all below in no particular order.

Tickets are $15 at the door, and go up to $20 after 2am. See you on the dancefloor!




Our favourite miniature goddess of freaky art drag, Yovska has been profiled by all kinds of straight-person media (hi Vice and CBC!), but we’ve got them in the flesh at Late Night. There is truly nothing like the otherworldly looks they create all on their own. Look for them floating around the room all night.


Fisher Price

The drag monster with a heart of gold behind the Drag Tribute parties at The Beaver - Fisher Price is a master of disguise, looks, performance and wit. You can often catch them at the Bathhouse and Body Works parties or behind a keyboard writing brilliant pieces for Yohomo!


Luna DuBois

A new queen on the scene, Luna blew us away at Ivory Towers’ Drag Battle nights at the Drink, and she wasn’t even officially competing. We love her look, her vibe and her tight-ass lipsynch.



You know this queen from the Hey Girl Hey parties, Drag Race screenings and other fiestas all over the city. She’s one of the sweetest humans on this planet and she can turn a LOOK. Her hair, her face, her booty, her grace… this queen has captured the hearts of many and we’re honoured to have her on the big night.


R. Flex

R. Flex is not only a very talented singer with the voice of an angel, but a person we’ve fallen deeply in love with for their sharp online commentary, pop-culture opinions and artistic flare. They also write for the site and we’re thrilled R. Flex (AKA Zymbul) is part of the team on many levels.


Steph Small

Miss Stephanie Small has done the door at many a Yohomo party, so you’ll be familiar with her fashions and her duties. She knows how to move a room, work the floor and make everyone feel like a star. Unless you cross her. Do not cross her.


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Chippy Nonstop

Do we even need to say anything? Chippy has quickly become an integral part of Toronto’s nightlife Culture as the founder of Intersessions, and the woman behind the decks at so many of the city’s most legendary dance floors. So happy she’ll be closing out the night.


Sammy Rawal

We’re bringing Sammy out of the sun and into the dark! You’ve heard him spin at our annual Love on Top party, now hear what he’s got when we turn the lights off and go until 4am. Sammy is one of the talented folx behind Yes Yes Y’all and is a ridiculously talented designer and director on his own.



She can turn a look, and drive any dancefloor into a frenzy. Babygirl has been spinning for 10-years, played live sets for The Lot Radio in NYC and is at home in a leather bar, a warehouse or a full-out club situation. We bow down, and if you haven’t caught Babygirl live on the decks yet, do not miss her high-energy set.


Slater Manzo

Slater is a local house music producer we fell in love with this year, we’ve featured him a bunch on our weekly Spotify playlist and we’re over the moon to have him play a tight set at Late Night.



It’s hard to explain our love and worship for Vaughan. She is so versatile on the decks, we’ve witnessed her play raves, late night warehouses, tiny little basement clubs and ballroom situations. She is a master class in DJs and is one of the warmest, loveliest humans we know.


Sikh Knowledge

We’ll never forget the first time we saw Sikh play live at Big Primpin’ and we’ve never turned back. He makes his own beats and is able to weave global, mid tempo spell on any dancefloor he comes in contact with. He’s an artist and a DJ we can’t stop following.



Discoraphy has quickly spun his way into some of the city’s cutest parties including some our very own bashes and New Ho Queen. His attention to detail and music library make any set he spins a dream to catch. He can move you through rare 80’s r&B to the sexiest house moments in minutes.

Yohomo DJs (Diego Armand + Phillippe)

The in-house crew that knows exactly how to move you will be on site on the big night.

DJ Spotlight: Discoraphy

DJ Spotlight: Discoraphy

DJ Spotlight: Diego Armand

DJ Spotlight: Diego Armand