Create your Drag Race All Stars 3 Fantasy League

Create your Drag Race All Stars 3 Fantasy League

We’ve been waiting for months but it's finally here! We've watched the trailers, the queen Ruveal, a 3-minute interview with Chaka Khan (?!) and even went through all the subreddits we could - and that was barely enough to contain our excitement. BUT the day has come, MOTHER Ru has arrived with her All Stars and let the best woman, win.

If you feel social, and want to watch at one of the city's queer spaces, take a peek at our 'Where to watch Drag Race All Stars 3 in Toronto' guide. But if you want another cool add-on for your viewing, check out this Drag Race fantasy league! This can be an opportunity to show off  your drag knowledge and/or score big and collect cash money from your close friends. Simply pick one of the All Stars at the beginning of the race and accumulate points throughout the season. You can, of course, modify the rules however you would prefer or turn the money incentive into a bunch of Jack Daniels shots.

This scoring system was brought to us by our friends at Feel your fantasy - a Toronto local zine and estore that celebrates queerness! 

The Scoring system


+5 Target on her back
Your queen wins the very first challenge

+4 Drag Idol
Your queen wins a maxi challenge

+2 And the first runner up is… 
Your queen wins a mini challenge

-1 Picked last in gym class
Your queen is picked last for a challenge

-2 Total Bottom
Your queen is in the bottom

-4 Home Team
Your queen sashays away

-5 Poor tuck, Porkchop! 
Your queen goes home the first week


+5 Snatch Bonus
Your queen wins the Snatch Game

+5 The Shangela Laquifa Wadley
Your queen makes an appearance on a later episode after getting kicked off

+2 Dr. in the house? 
Your queen is the first to require medical attention

+2 The Heather
Your queen joins a clique worthy of the Heathers

+2 Golden Shower
Your queen throws a drink

+2 One Hit Wonder
Your queen drops a music video the night she sashays away, a la Miss Fame

+3 Meme Queen
Your queen is the face of the gay internet, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. (Think Aja and Valentina, who’s beautiful, a model, + looks like Linda Evangelista)

+1 The Nina Bo'Nina Blues
The judges question whether your queen’s heart is in the competition

+2 Appre-Cher-ation
Your queen receives a video message from a celeb they impersonated

-1 Weaveless
Your queen loses her wig on the runway and that bitch didn’t toss it

-1 One Trick Pony
Your queen is accused of having just one look by the judges (-2 if they accuse her twice, -3 three times)

-2 The Booger
A prettier set of queens decides your queen is a booger

-3 Untucked
Your queen is called out for not tucking by the judges

-3 Shady Shadows
Your queen is called out for her 5 o’clock shadow by the judges

-X The Willam
Your queen quits the show or is disqualified and leaves (X = The week number the queen leaves)

-4 Double Fisted
Your queen goes home in a double elimination

-2 Take that mask off, Valentina
The judges point out your queen didn’t know the words to her lip sync


Visit Feel your Fantasy and get yourself the latest issue or download it for free.

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