DJ Spotlight: Jules Bangsworth

DJ Spotlight: Jules Bangsworth

Self-proclaimed “east coast half-pint party rocker” Jules Bangsworth is a resident DJ of the Bad Habits Social parties and she’s been bouncing behind the decks for over a decade. Having played this country coast to coast and spun from the depths of the underground to the heights of festival stages, Bangsworth knows how to move a room. She’s released original productions and continues to push spaces and parties and her own bad ass sets.

How did you get our DJ name?

Surprising to no one my last name in actuality isn’t Bangsworth. Two of my besties who were integral in my come up as an artist are also DJs; Harmsworth & Buck Banger so I’m their adopted DJ baby that goes by Bangsworth, of course.

Is DJing something you’ve always dreamed of doing?

Not always. I got the bug after seeing Anne Savage play years ago and was all, I’M GONNA DO THAT NOW.


We are already big fans of yours, but why does this city need a DJ like yourself?

The DJs here inspire me daily to be better so this city isn’t lacking at all, but I think I’ve got a positive energy on and off stage that’s a welcome addition to the scene here.

Give us three words, verbs or adjectives that describe your musical styling?

Moody. Bouncy. Rainbows.

DJ pet peeve?  


DJ fave moment every time you spin?

The tequila. Juuuust kidding. ha. Definitely the connection with the dancers in the room, love vibing off of one another so much when I’m playing, it's the best feeling.

Strangest place you've ever played.

A military base in rural Nova Scotia.

Secret weapon song?

Digits - Cloverdale (watch out for these doods!).

How is it being a female DJ in Toronto these days?

Pretty great. I love being both of those things so it’s a good fit for me right now.

Can you explain to our readers the state of queer female parties in Toronto right now?

There's some great collectives of people working hard to make things happen for us as a community. I think the lack of a specific queer owned space that has the infrastructure to host us is a hinderance but so many incredible folx are creating spaces and doing killer queer parties here in Toronto. I'm a huge fan of Rude Collective and all they do; Bad Habits who I’m a resident for is crushing the game in recent months; Toastr is always a fun trip; Cherry Bomb too; JERK and YYY which are well known staples here are two of the best queer parties I’ve ever been to, period. All of those jams are unique in their own way which makes them that much more badass to me. So yeah, I’m a fan of what’s happening for sure but there’s always room for more space and all the good things that can come along with that.

Other DJs in the city that you love?

Ah so many faves but I’ll give you my short(ish) list: The Frandiscos, Skratch Bastid, Bambii, Flipside, Megz & Ticky, Vaxx, Mr. Brown, Jayemkayem, Nino Brown and Dre Ngozi. Basically if you have passion for what you do, I'm a huge fan of you as a DJ; it's a grind so respect to all those on it.

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