DJ Spotlight on Kris Steeves

DJ Spotlight on Kris Steeves

DJ Kris Steeves has been making butts move in Toronto for countless years. He’s behind parties like the legendary Eva Christina Presents, Fit, Balls Deep Disco, and Wet Banana. He’s also one of the brilliant and super-pervy minds behind Pansy Ass Ceramics. His love of disco, house, a good diva vocal, and a chunky beat (along with those piercing blue eyes that tell you to either shut up or kiss him) make him a joyous, expert song selector and cutie-pie DJ this city is lucky to have. He's already made one mix for us, but we liked it so much we asked him back for another piece. 

He created this brand new, and very shiny disco mix for us just ahead of his Balls Deep Disco party with The Robotic Kid in NYC September 28!

How did you get your DJ name? (haha)

Some of my favourite DJs I was listening to when I was younger, like Derrick Carter and David Morales, just used their names, so it seemed like the right thing to do. I used to come up with fancy DJ names for myself, but they always felt inauthentic, so I stuck with my given name.

Is DJing something you’d always dreamed of doing?

As a kid I could turn my radio a certain way and I’d pick up stations in Massachusetts and New York. I’d listen to mixes by their local radio DJs, and it was exciting and inspiring. I always knew I wanted to get out and play music.


How did you take that first step or become brave enough to start playing?

When I attended university in Montreal, I became friends with a bunch of people in the club and rave scene, many of whom were DJing or trading mixes of their favourite DJs. I started playing small house parties and events that friends were involved with. Once I moved to Toronto, I started playing at bars and clubs more regularly. I’m naturally very shy in front of a crowd, so it took me a long time to overcome my nerves.

Why does this city need a DJ like you?

After moving to Toronto, I quickly realized it’s a fairly mainstream city as far as music goes – especially the gay scene. I try to cater to the crowd with a bit of pop and top 40, but I pepper in music that most people haven’t heard – more underground, housier stuff or disco.

Give us three words that describe your musical styling.

Energetic, fun, cunty.

DJ pet peeve?

DJs that don’t read the crowd. If the DJ is the only one dancing, then that’s a problem.

Dream DJ to open or close for?

I’ve already opened for two of my favourites: Horsemeat Disco and Eli Escobar!

Secret-weapon song?

“Show Me Love” by Robin S will ALWAYS slay. It’s one of the classics that I never get tired of.

Other DJs in the city that you love?

I feel blessed that a lot of friends are also some of my favourite Toronto DJs. Phillippe, John Caffery, The Robotic Kid, Jaime Sin, Regina, Aural, Produzentin, Cyclist, The Patchouli Brothers, Jeremy Glenn ...

Strangest place you’ve ever played?

The basement of Holt Renfrew.

Follow Kris on Instagram and catch on his dates and adventures.
Or listen to his first Yohomo mix right here!

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