DJ Spotlight on Sandy Duperval

DJ Spotlight on Sandy Duperval

Sandy Duperval is like the 13th wonder of the world. She's a musical genius blending giant feel-good beats, with soulful house and often her own heart-stopping vocals (she's studied under Cissy Houston!!!). She might be a Montreal native, but Toronto is where she now calls home and is slowly but surely infiltrating the scene with her good vibes and skills. She's a global DJ with a local heart and we are HUGE fans. We're honoured to have this mix from her ahead of her set at Pride Toronto's Island Party on Sunday, June 17th, and we asked her a few questions to get to know her a bit better. 

How did you get our DJ name?

My mom had me when she was 15 yrs old and my grandmother took care of me. Duperval was her last name and she truly invested everything on me. She pushed me to pursue music when nobody else believed in my potential. If it wasn't for her, I would probably be doing something else.. something boring lol.

Is DJing something you’ve already dreamed of doing?

DJing was a pure coincidence. I already had an interest but did not even think it was possible. I was studying Jazz Music in Sherbrooke City and my mother linked me up with a DJ because I wanted a job related to music. He trained me and let me destroy his Vinyls. (Ya I was a bit rough with them at first) When I was ready, he paid me $8/hr to open up for him and take care of lights.

We are already big fans of yours, but why does this city and beyond need a DJ like yourself?

Awww, thank you so much! When I started DJing there was very little females. In fact, I only knew about 3 female djs. Being a DJ wasn't a trend at all (that was like 16 years ago). I felt like I didn't have anyone to look up to but it motivated me to work harder and prove that there is no difference between being a female or a male DJ. I have to admit I'm a little bit of a rebel. Whenever I am told I can't do something or go somewhere, that's exactly where I go. It has not always worked out but it definitely helped me grow into the artist I am today and I am grateful for that.


How do you feel about the female DJ in the DJ world right now... are we getting any better at inclusion and respect?

It's definitely improved, now I just wish we could appreciate DJs for what they have to offer as opposed to a gender but I know a lot of girls are finding inspiration and motivation in knowing that other females are successfully doing it, professionally.

Give us three words, verbs or adjectives that describe your musical styling?

Electronic with Soul

DJ Pet peeve?

I don't mind a request (when it's incredibly good) but I hate when people are rude about wanting their song right away. Back in the days, you didn't know where to find the DJ booth, it was hidden somewhere and if you didn't like the music, your options were; grab a couple of drinks and enjoy yourself anyway or leave.

DJ fave moment everytime you spin?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching people dance and smile to songs they don't know... It shows me that people can still let go and embrace different things.

Secret weapon song?

I just sing lol. Seriously, any Vocal House track with a sick groove or AFROTASTIC (Afro House, latin vibes)!

Other DJs in the city that you love?

OMG so many especially You!!! It also depends on the genre. For electronic music, TICKY TY for president lol! I love her energy and essence! Anything Urban, Dancehall, Soca my favorites are Lissa Monet and DJ Black Cat.

I have to say moving to Toronto was the best decision I had taken in a long time. You guys have such a rich culture, it took me a little time to know where to go but I have to say DJs in Toronto don't have it easy so everybody is on top of it. I continuously grow from listening to you guys and am looking forward to more collabos and discoveries.

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