Inside Out guide 2018

Inside Out guide 2018

I had a completely different opening to this article. Seriously, I did! It was cute and silly and
pure gay glitter! But as I sat in my bed writing this piece, the smell of weed wafts into my
window; a couple of teenagers are below my apartment blazing. They are having a conversation about going to watch the new Deadpool movie. “Why do I keep seeing things about Spider-Man and Deadpool being a couple?” one says. “I don’t know. *Inhales his joint* Wait, is that what the new movie is about?” The other guy, without missing a beat, says, “I don’t know, but Marvel better not have made one of those Brokeback Mountain movies.”

I screamed. I gave myself heartburn from laughing. This had to be the new opening of this
article, ’cause it’s about the Inside Out Festival! What better way to begin Pride Month than
with a whole 11 days of films and events revolving around “those Brokeback Mountain
movies”? We’ve compiled a list of 10 events and screenings that tickled our fancy. So toss on that cowboy hat and go celebrate queer arts!

1. Icons Programs 

Brazilian musician Linn da Quebrada, devoted black and trans activist, a self-described gender terrorist and a fierce performer.

Brazilian musician Linn da Quebrada, devoted black and trans activist, a self-described gender terrorist and a fierce performer.

The Icons program is a collection of documentaries about various queer people and their
amazing contributions to the world of art and activism.


2. M/M - May 30, 9:15pm

A Canada/Germany co-production, M/M will check all your queer Tumblr aesthetic boxes.
“Matthew is a young Montrealer who has recently moved to Berlin. He longs to make a fresh
start, but living in a strange new city leaves him feeling isolated and withdrawn.
Things begin to change, however, when he meets Matthias. Charismatic, striking and sexy,
Matthias is everything Matthew wants to be, and soon Matthew’s interest escalates from
infatuation to obsession. He shaves his head, buys look-alike clothes and stalks Matthias
through the streets of Berlin. After a motorbike accident lands Matthias in intensive care,
Matthew seizes the opportunity to assume Matthias’ identity. In a bid for dominance, their
shared power struggle careens between brutal passion and violence.
Set amid the stark buildings and techno clubs of Berlin, this debut feature from former
Torontonian Drew Lint is a compelling and visually stylish thriller where the line between
dreams and reality is constantly blurred.”


3. Half The Picture - Screening and Woman’s Gala/After Party

Half the Picture is a ground-breaking documentary that asks the question “If women account for 50 percent of ticket sales of 2017, then why were only 8 percent of films made by females?” Following the screening, Church of the Holy Trinity is hosting a Women’s Gala/After Party to celebrate queer women and filmmakers. The amazing lineup of DJs includes Chiclet, Nino Brown, and Bambii.


4. Postcards from London

A delicious still from Postcards from London.

A delicious still from Postcards from London.

Harris Dickinson (Beach Rats, 2017) stars in this poetic film about a male escort in 1980s
London. “Art appreciation collides with sex work in London’s neon-lit Soho district, where a male escort named Jim offers clients both sex and intellectual stimulation. New to the city, teenaged Jim dreams of adventure but is short on cash. He is soon taken under the wings of the Raconteurs, a group of sex workers who believe that knowing the history of gay art is key to their success. Jim learns the ropes but discovers he has an unusual affliction – every time he sees an art masterpiece he is transported inside the work. Could Jim’s condition be a gift, or his downfall? Filled with references to gay art from Caravaggio to Pierre Et Gilles, Postcards from London’s stylized vision reminds us of the important role queer artists play in immortalizing outsiders and outcasts.”


5. Mr Gay Syria

Directed by Ayse Toprak, Mr. Gay Syria is a beautiful and important documentary that can’t be missed. “Mr. Gay Syria follows two Syrian refugees trying to rebuild their lives and create the largest platform possible to shed light on the refugee crisis and how it affects the LGBTQ community. Husein is a barber in Istanbul living a double life between his conservative family and his gay identity. Mahmoud is the founder of Syria’s LGBTQ movement and is a refugee in Berlin. What brings them together is a dream: to participate in an international beauty pageant as an escape from their trapped lives and an answer to their invisibility. Will the dream come true or will the refugee crisis and harsh consequences of being gay in the Muslim world shatter it to pieces? With roadblocks at every corner, we witness the struggle for one gay Syrian vying for the title of Mr. Gay World in order to live freely.”


6. Shorts Program


The short-film selection this year is stacked with amazing films from all over the globe. Inside
Out programmers did a great job of curating the films into the fantastic collections below.

 10 Things I Love About You  (May 25, 1pm)

“If 2018 has proven anything, it's that today's youth will save the world. Whether finding courage to confess a crush, or standing up to one of the largest corporations in the world, the brave and fearless young people in this program remind us that they can do it all.

Hope Floats (May 26, 4:45pm)

“Families have a way of bringing out the drama but, if we're lucky, they also bring love. From overbearing mothers to ageing grandmothers to conservative fathers, this program is all relative.”

 Bold (May 28, 7:15pm)

“Bold celebrates voices outside the mainstream. This program offers a fresh perspective, exploring the complexities of the black experience in all its diversity, humour, pain and triumph


Boys on the Side (May 28, 4:30pm)

“Beards, besties and breaking new ground."

Stories We Tell (May 28, 5pm)

“A celebration of #Canqueer excellence, this program captures the compelling diversity of our homegrown talent.”

Mad Love (May 28, 9:15pm)

“Love, a many-splendoured thing, lifts us up where we belong. But it's also a battlefield. This program explores the ups and downs of this crazy little thing we call love.”

Forces of Nature (May 29, 7:15pm)

“The pull of an ex, a fall down the stairs, the apocalypse - we can't compete with the forces of nature.”

He's Just Not That Into You (May 30, 7:15pm)

“Dating in 2018: An Investigation.”


Local Heroes (May 31, 6:45pm)

“From familiar faces to fresh meat, this is our annual collection of some of the best this great city has to offer."

Practical Magic (May 27, 7:15pm)

“Whether deciding to start a family or learning to dance, it takes two to tango. The films in this program show that making love work is magic, practically.”


Real and Spectacular (June 2, 1:45pm)

“From brunch to tattoos to thrusting, there are many ways LGBTQ folks are making a difference in the world. This program is all about the real and spectacular.”


Riding in Cars with Boys (June 3, 2:30pm)

“In subway cars and automobiles, these films explore the ways in which one chance meeting can change our lives forever, and with varying results.”

The Trush is Out There (June 1, 9:15pm)

“Like, way out there. From fill Cats makeup, feline trinkets, alien sex to hauntings, this program celebrates the weird - as in wacky, creepy, and out of control.”


Thrive (June 2, 7pm)

“This collection of trans short films celebrates the diverse voices of the trans community. From Austria to Tonga, from Frane to the Philippines, witness global trans activities as they take a stand.”


7. Skate Kitchen - May 25, 9:30pm

I love that we live in a time where a movie is made about a badass Instagram account! “Camille lives on Long Island and spends most of her days skateboarding alone. After a serious injury, Camille’s single mother finds her daughter’s hobby too dangerous and forces her to quit. But the pull is too strong and, after discovering “The Skate Kitchen” on Instagram, Camille heads to New York City, board in hand. There, the women quickly adopt her as their own and, before she knows it, she is living her dream skating and partying with her very own crew. But Camille comes to understand the complexities of the group dynamic when she befriends a boy from a rival group of skaters.

Skate Kitchen is an authentic take on one young woman’s road to self-discovery as she learns the importance of female friendship and doing what you love.”


8. L’animale - May 30, 7pm

Ugh, this film I know is gonna make me cry my queer eyes out. An Official Selection at the Berlin International Film Fest, L’Animale is making its premiere at Inside Out. “In Austria the final exam in high school is known as the Matura. An assessment of language, math and science skills, the evaluation so signifies a coming-of-age. L’Animale begins just as one young woman is being put to the test. Mati works part-time at her mother’s veterinary clinic, learning the ropes so that she can follow in her footsteps. Outside of work, however, Mati’s mother understands so little about her daughter, forcing graduation dresses on her and questioning Mati’s desire to spend all her free time on her motocross bike with the local boys. When Mati develops feelings for a young woman from town and her mother uncovers a secret that her father has been keeping, the family must decide what is more important: living honestly or doing what is expected of them. With enormous heart and style for days, L’Animale firmly places Katharina Mueckstein on the list of filmmakers to watch.”


9. Retablo - May 26, 9:45pm

I promise, I don’t just love drama films, but this is another drama that sounds too wonderfully
amazing to be missed. “Retablo offers a rare glimpse into the panoramic beauty of the Indigenous highlands of Peru, in which its key cultural tradition serves as the turning point for one father and son’s relationship. Newcomer Junior Bejar shines in his portrayal of Seguno Paucar, a young boy learning the craft of artisanal Peruvian story-boxes (retablos) under the watchful eye of his father, Noé (Amiel Cayo). Though the background of their life is full of beauty – spectacular mountain views, vibrant towns and colourful festivals – the local culture can be extraordinarily unforgiving. Segundo reveres his father, but he struggles with whether he wants to follow in his footsteps.

Director Alvaro Delgado Aparicio captures the breathtaking scenery and Andes culture with
real verve, but the heartbreaking and unpredictable story itself – of love and loyalty,
intolerance and injustice – is what makes Retablo so unforgettable.”


10. Romy and Michele’s Saturday Afternoon T Dance - June 2, 3-8pm


Okay, but like … how can anyone not wanna go to this?! Well, if you’re a total Heather Mooney, then you may not. But still. Join Inside Out as they host an afternoon of cocktails, dancing, and cult, camp, classic fun. DJ Bright Light Bright Light (UK/NYC) will be spinning tunes all afternoon as we bop and celebrate everything that is Romy and Michele. Oh! You can also make song requests, but they have to be written on a Post-It note.

Thus concludes our list for the 2018 Inside Out fest. Be sure to pop over to their website and
look through all the events and films listed, as well as grab your tickets. Also don’t miss our very own collaboration with Inside Out as we take over the Local Heroes party on May 31! See you there!

Music for Pride season

Music for Pride season

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