Five life changing Dior moments in herstory

Five life changing Dior moments in herstory

Dior. You can whisper that name or you can scream it from the top of your lungs; the name Dior is drenched in glamour. Christian Dior is a hallmark of fashion and elegance; the craftsmanship placed into every detail of his pieces reeks of a true revolutionary. Having had the ability to visit the current Dior exhibit currently on show at the ROM until March 18,  I was inspired by the intense effortless beauty in all of the garments and the thought and effect placed into each seam and button application.

Although the show itself is small, featuring pieces created by Christian Dior himself for the who’s who of vintage Toronto society, it provides you with the ability to see bones of the trend smashing design house.  This motivated me to look past what was on display in the museum and dig into where the company went after Dior himself was no longer the creative director. Having changed hands seven times since 1957, the Dior house has put forth some of the most iconic pieces of fashion in history. With people like Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano being only two of the designers of the label, Dior has curated amazing pieces of art and notable garments that engrained themselves into pop culture over the years.

So sit back, and get a napkin cause you’re gonna start drooling over this elaganzaaaa. 


Can you think of a better combo? Marilyn Monroe and Dior… gag! In 1962 Marilyn sat for what would be the last photo shoot she would ever do wearing this backless black Dior dress designed by Marc Bohan. The haunting photos, shot by Bert Stern for Vogue, just show the beauty of the fabric clinging to her back allowing the light to dance off her shoulder blades and pull the viewers eye up to her face.  The tailoring and the fit of the piece appear as effortless as Marilyn’s beauty, but hide so much complexity in the seaming and the construction. This is one of those perfect moments when an artist and a amuse find each other. 


Sex and The City

They wanna learn fashion, who best to learn it from than John Galliano?” Patricia Field. You can’t talk about fashion without talking about Sex and The City! Patricia Field, who was the stylist on the iconic series, could do no wrong. The show was a mixed bag of ultra high-end brands and dollar store accessories, but a consistent thread ran through the styling of that show, Dior. Galliano’s hands at the wheel turned Dior into an overblown jumble of fabrics and prints that the label had never seen before! (Dior split from Galiano after he had some nasty things to say.) From the new print, body-con dress to the big fucking flower Carry walked around with on her shoulder, Galliano and Field were a match made in heaven.  OH! And the scene where Carry totally eats shit walking into the Dior store has never been more relatable for me. 


Saddle Bags

Another entry from Galliano to this list is the forever known, saddle bag.  Never has a bag been more rooted in pop culture than this one. Coming in an outlandish amount of patterns the Dior saddle bag is a staple to the late 90’s early 2000’s celebrity, everyone had one and they were featured all over television. The O.C. , Sex and The City, Gossip Girl, any show featuring trendy women in a city was soaked with these bags. 



Literally, everything Rihanna wears is stunning. Let’s take a moment and think about that Met Gala yellow jacket….ahhhh refreshing. Okay, back to Dior. Rihanna made history by becoming the first black woman to be the face of Dior. The French fashion house knew what was up, you attach Rihanna to your brand and you’ve just struck gold. From the photo shoots, billboards, advertisements, to the collection, Dior knocked it out of the park with that campaign. It was stunning, and so well put together, Raf Simons nailed it with that collection and styling it with Rihanna…bliss, pure bliss.



“Who are you wear?” blah blah blah. The Oscars are always littered with the most stunning gowns possible. Every designer is present and accounted for on this night, and none more then Dior are repped as strong.

There are so many events where Dior is worn but it’s the Oscars where you get a fantastic mix of the fashion houses creative directors. From Vintage to new, Christian Dior’s elegance is never more showcased than on this night. Oh, and remember when Jennifer Lawrence crashed and burned on the stairs when she was going to accept her first Oscar? Yeah…That was a Dior dress. Stun.  

Dior at the ROM is on until Sunday March 18th. 

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