Yohomo Toronto Fringe picks for 2017

Yohomo Toronto Fringe picks for 2017


What’s your favourite kind of Fringe? Is it an edgy micro bang dancing on the peak of your forehead? Is it the leather tassels hanging off the arms of that bitchin' leather coat you scored from Black Market and gives your all the rough trade disco fantasy feelings?  Or is it the annual Toronto Fringe theatre Festival?

Toronto Fringe showcases the finest of indie theatre that this city’s best and brightest voices have to offer! We’ve taken upon ourselves to collect, what we think, to be five stand out queer shows that shouldn’t me missed this year. So get your hair cut, grab your jacket, and head over to the theatre and celebrate Fringe!


1. Lipstique 


Bright, bold and extravagant. We celebrate women and the feminine and the various essences they bring to the street dance styles. We ask ourselves what is the future of the feminine?

Get your tickets on the Fringe website! Or check out our event for more details!


2. Lover Lover


A lesbian and a straight man walk into a bar: a love story. It's complicated. Lover Lover is a story on an old theme with a new spin. It is a story about unrequited love, but it is also a story about identity, sexuality, polyamory, and about limitations and possibilities. It is a story about two people who cannot fall in love and cannot fall out of love. It is a story full of surprises.

Get your tickets on the Fringe website! Or check out their FB event!


3. Nasty


Where do all the nasty women go? The witches, hags, and shrews all wind up here in The Museum. When given the chance to tell their own stories, will these wicked women be redeemed?

Get your tickets on the fringe website! Or get more details on our event listing!


4. The Seat Next To The King


Behind the doors of a public washroom in a Washington D.C. park, two lives linked to two of America's most important figures collide when a white man seeking sex meets a black male stranger.

Get your tickets on the Fringe website! Or check out their FB event!


5. Slay Day 


Boys and girls it's time to get out your bodysuits and high heels. Arrive at 8pm for a Beyoncé tribute dance class and learn how to dance like Queen B with the choreography experts from Beyography. Afterwards be entertained by the Sasha Fiercest drag queen of them all, the one and only Beardoncé.

Check out the Fringe website for more details!

Make sure to visit the Fringe Festival’s website for a complete list of shows and events as well as timetables so you can plan your additional, not-quite-as-totally-queer viewings accordingly.



Yohomo presents: Love on Top in photos

Yohomo presents: Love on Top in photos