Queer Toronto photographers to follow

Queer Toronto photographers to follow

Isn’t it wild how our phones have made all of us photographers? We suddenly now have an interest in angles, lighting, editing, nudes, and beauty! Let’s be clear: everyone should be snapping and sharing their lives, but it’s worth taking a moment to shout out those who serve the right mix of creative vision and technical ability, A nod to our queer photographers who know a moment when they see one or can pull together a shoot that stops us in our tracks and makes us feel all the ways.

We asked a few loyal homos on our Fey-cebook page for their thoughts on queer Toronto photographers worth focusing on and came up with this list. From portrait masters to party shooters and landscape experts, the list covers work in a wide range of genres that we are super excited to put some flash on. 

Quinton Cruickshanks

If you’re looking for something to brighten your day, add pops of colour to your life, or inspire you to colour block, then check out the very talented Quinton Cruickshanks’ Facebook page and Instagram. He takes shots of lots of pretty little things, but he also does drag photography that’s editorial-ready. We’re here for every glossy shot. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.07.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.08.46 PM.png

Jah Grey

Few Toronto photographers capture people of colour like Jah Grey. Sure, they can shoot a party and make everyone look like a star, but it’s the portraits, the series work, and the stories Jah tells that make him worth following – and sharing with everyone you know. Jah is woven into our community with these images, and we’re lucky to be captured with these clicks. Jah's responsible for the main photo of this article as well. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.10.33 PM.png

Nancy Kim

Not only is Nancy Kim a wicked events photog (check out her shots of Cherry Bomb parties), but she’s able to create big, bright portraits that lift your spirits when you look at them. She’s also someone you actually want to follow on Instagram because her self-portraits and travel shots just exude joy.


Studio #selfie #lines #studiodaze #mondainewatch

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Raphael Sanchez

Full disclosure: we have a big crush on Raphael Sanchez. The recent OCAD grad’s Bedtime Stories v1: Boogie Intimacy show was a stunner: gritty, sexy, filthy, and beautiful. He has a way of capturing gay nightlife in this city at its cutest, sneaking in flashy shots when no one is watching. He’s also a master of wiggle photos and GIFs. Follow him on all channels – you won’t regret it.  


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Adam Moco

You might know him as Miss Moço, but he’s also the human behind the camera of the world-famous Tryst Pic series. His work has been featured in pretty much every gay publication on the planet, and it’s deserved. With Tryst Pic, Moco captures his male subjects naked, and in that moment establishes a human connection that might last a lifetime. It’s the anti-Grindr, basically. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.14.34 PM.png

Christopher Sherman

His Royal Highness of Hedonism! King Perv! The Sultan of Send Nudes – Christopher Sherman takes photos of beautiful boys in very sexual situations. It’s the stuff that wet dreams are made of. He’s also part of Toronto’s spanking new Bully mag.

Benjamin. EDITED FOR INSTAGRAM. New York. 35mm. 2018.

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Lucas Murnaghan

Local photographer and hunk Lucas Murnaghan is the man behind those ethereal photos of mostly naked guys floating underwater. They’re gorgeous, kind of mind-boggling, and would make Ariel wish she could look so good under the sea. 

the great escape

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for all seasons

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Jocelyn Reynolds

Jocelyn Reynolds captures life around her in a still, calm, nod-your-head-to-the-side-and-think kind of way. Her website is very vibe-y, but her Instagram will seriously calm you down wherever you are. Having a panic attack? Pull up Jocelyn! About to stab your boss in the eye with a pen? Pull up Jocelyn. Her style is simple and stunning. 

09.06.17 ~ 369 by @sissynein

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Mckenzie James

Sometimes you’ll see a photo on Fakebook or Instaglam that forces you to stop scrolling. A friend of yours has never looked so flawless. So honest. So bewitching! Mckenzie James is that photographer who has a way of pulling the person you know and love out and in front of the camera. It’s like his subjects’ souls pop out to say hello. 

smouldering @fergcanton

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outfit mood w/ @mattnethersole

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Brian Lawrence

Did you see that photo of you in the Village last night?! If you’re lucky, it was captured by Brian Lawrence and not some creeper in the stall next to you. Lawrence knows everyone; he’s like the Bill Cunningham of Church Street, capturing queens and queers in bars all along the strip. 


Sly Feiticeira

Sly is not only a photographer, but a drag king. Double-duty talent alert! We recommend following them on Instagram for a glimpse into the world of Toronto drag kings, queer burlesque, and magical portraits. When we say magical, we mean Disney-witch magic, with moody lights, dramatic hair, and faces. It’s a wicked world worth diving into.

I'm really not feeling Christmas this year, can we fast forward to Pride? #tbt

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Riley Stewart

Riley is the full package. He does editorial, fashion, portrait, and pro advertising work that makes us feel like millionaires just from looking at the photos! Whether capturing rich white ladies, local artists, or full-out high-end magazine lerks, Riley is a master photographer, and we’re so happy this local homo is doing so well.

Daina Hodgson

Once in a while Daina Hodgson has photography shows in the city, and they’re worth checking out, but it’s just as worthwhile to follow his Facebook and Instagram to see Toronto in brand-new, bold, and beautiful ways. Even if you’ve walked through a neighbourhood a thousand times, Hodgson has a way of looking at that same place in a way you never have. A fascinating queer eye.

Air Ships #streetsoftoronto #rsastreetview #streetlife_award

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If you’d like to recommend a queer Toronto photographer you love so we can feature them in our next spread, email us anytime at [email protected] and we’ll send nudes back. 

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