Top queer artists at Canzine 2018

Top queer artists at Canzine 2018


Canzine, the massive annual zine fair thrown by Broken Pencil magazine, returns this fall and  is taking over more space inside the Art Gallery of Ontario than ever before. As always, queer and trans creators are at the cutting edge of underground self-publishing, and there are plenty of ways to go gay with zines this Saturday.

We asked Broken Pencil editor and queer zine aficionado Jonathan Valelly to give us a heads-up about creators to look out for at this year’s festival, which is free and runs 1–7pm at the AGO

Marin Boyle

Marin is a rad non-binary zine creator who makes work about trauma, sex work, cats, crafts, and gender.


Beena Mistry

This Brampton-based illustrator and risograph genius makes totally gorgeous zines, including Gender Euphoria and Sweet Sand Boy Gaara — check them out.


Boundless Media

Boundless Media’s founders are dedicated to giving a platform to marginalized queer folks and to making incredible art and zines as they do it. Don’t miss them, and be sure to check out ENBY Magazine and The Art of Yes.


Look Mum! distro + Fag Punk

Look Mum! is your one-stop zine source for resources about sex work, sexual assault, sexual health, and more. Plus they make Fag Punk, carrying on the queercore/homopunk zine tradition with regular doses of punk/skater erotica.



This Hamilton-based queerdo makes zines about growing up on the internet, digital ghosts, and being real real gay and real real sad. 


Living Not Existing

Faith is a staple of the queer zine scene in Toronto and makes zines about gender, sobriety, community building, personal struggles and victories, and so much more. 


The Letter Ve

This creator makes perzines about some of the tough stuff: abuse, mental health, racism, and of course, healing. These are important conversations. Read with care!


Terry Abrahams & Cleopatria Peterson

This amazing duo is tabling at Canzine together. Terry is a poet and general badass with a recent chapbook out from Penrose Press and lots of forthcoming appearances in journals and zines.  Cleopatria is an illustrator who makes eerie and unsettling worlds and characters to tell unexpected stories.

Bonus! Canzine program highlights

Make sure you check out the HIV Howler launch at 2:30pm. This artists’ publication made by and for people living with HIV focuses on the crucial role art and artists have had in HIV/AIDS activism, in the past and today. The launch will include a talk with artists Anthea Black, Marcus Borton, and Darien Taylor. 

Plus! The Broken Pencil Zine Awards, at 5:30pm, will honour zine excellence in eight categories of zine-making, from perzine to litzine to comics and art. Don’t miss it! 

These are just some of the amazing exhibitors at Canzine 2018. Check out the full list of vendors.

All photos taken by Jah Grey.

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