Q&A with Toronto Project Runway champs Sunny Fong and Evan Biddell

Q&A with Toronto Project Runway champs Sunny Fong and Evan Biddell

Project Runway Canada ended many moons ago, but did you know that two local boys are now in the running for the final season of Project Runway All Stars EVER?! BIG news. On top of all this, they are both Torontonian and queer. It’s REALLY hard for us to write this without All Caps everywhere. We reached out to the designers for a couple of cute questions ahead of tonight’s premiere.





When you were asked to come back on the show, what was going through your mind? Was it an automatic yes?

EB: It was an obvious yes for me. I’ve always been confident in my skills and love to be pushed. I had a feeling it was going to be the last season and so… YOLO!

SF: I was always asked if I'd do the show again and I've always said YES! It's been ten years since I did the show and when this opportunity showed up in my inbox, I said why not, how often does anyone get an opportunity like this. And I get to meet the other winners I've seen on the show.

This final season of PR is massive and was filmed in NYC! How did this experience differ from the first time you were on the show?

EB: First off they payed us just to show up. Second we had our own accommodations. Third I actually have a clue about fashion now and I knew the importance of creating a character and telling a story. We are not here to make amazing clothes we are here to make amazing Television.

SF: 1- I get to compete against winners from all project runways around the world.
2- this time I'm more experienced in both design and Project Runway
3- I’m going into this for pure fun and nostalgia, and a lot is less at stake.

After being on the show, what are some of the major things that changed in your life?

SF: Hahaha, the show can turn you life upside down and around. Definitely wasn't prepared for the attention/fame, it opened many doors for my career, and also so much pressure and expectations. I was married on the show and now I'm a bachelor. Definitely a lot of changes for friends and family to get used to.

EB: I was pre-Instagram-micro-Canadian-famous which apparently meant something back then as I was able to get away with murder creatively. I had a bit of attitude that somehow translated into being “the bad ass of Canadian fashion” which I still get a kick out of. I was able to produce exciting dramatic runway shows and really explore fashion as an art form through presentation.

What would you tell the younger you today after this journey?

EB: Put your stuff online immediately. I am for the first time launching a very small but very real online shop the day the show airs.

SF: Be ready for everything!

Are there any designers on this planet that you love that we should be paying attention to?

SF: There aren't any specific but we definitely support and follow our local Canadian designers. The industry is hard and any support is so important for our own talent. The Show is the perfect example of how hard it is to compete in the world of designers.

EB: I think myself and Christian Cowan have a very similar approach to fashion. Love Dust and Beau out of LA and House of Malakai is an obvious freak show worthy of some attention.

We’re all about Toronto queer designers, make-up and hair artists, any advice for any young LGBTQ+ folks trying to make it the fashion world?

SF: The glamour of fashion is great but treat it like a business. How you can make money off your work and skills? With a business mentality you can go a lot further and grow as a designer.  Fashion is artistic but not art. No need to starve for fashion.

EB: Don’t do it!!! HahahHah

We know you can’t say you won, can you give three words to describe the final three of this last season?

EB: I have no idea how to answer this question.

SF: Dramatic fashion olympics.

Final Q! What are you up to next? What’s coming up? Where can we follow your adventures?

EB: I’m selling some T-shirt’s with my face on it and making a small collection of avant garde red carpet pieces in the near future. Also Drag Race Canada?? Staring Brook Lynn Hytes and her boo Biddell??? This would be a thing if it was up to me.

SF: So much planned for the new year. Finally launching my online store and many side projects I can't talk about, My lips are always sealed like project runway. LOL

Project Runway All Stars Season 7 airs on Lifetime every Wednesday at 9pm ET.

Yes Canadians, unfortunately that means that the internet is your best friend in this case, and we have to do a bit of digging - let us know in the comments if you have any hot tips on where to watch online!

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