Trintastic, plastic, injectable realness: a Q&A with Trinity the Tuck

Trintastic, plastic, injectable realness: a Q&A with Trinity the Tuck

Trintastic, plastic, injectable realness? Maybe so, but newly crowned All Stars 4 co-winner, Trinity the Tuck, was as real as it gets when we caught up with her in advance of her Bringing It To to the Runway show in Toronto. Here, Trinity discusses her historic but controversial double crowning, toxic Drag Race fanbase, her favourite looks, and what she’s looking forward to in the year ahead.

Congratulations! I know it’s been a few months but it’s really major to have the first tie in the shows history.  How do you feel?

Thank you! I’m very excited and feel very blessed I was able to accomplish what I set out to do.


What are some of your highlights having been on the the show twice?

Having a lot fun discovering different aspects of what my abilities are. I didn’t think I had it in me to accomplish the things I was able to accomplish. Where I come from, drag is put in a box that doesn't allow you to experiment very much. I think probably now, with Drag Race becoming such a craze, all types of drag have come to the surface. Back then, you're cookie cutter and you do exactly what the other girls do. That was probably the best part, getting to discover my talents.

Do you feel like there's a significant difference between competing on Drag Race then All Stars?

I think there's a difference for the person going into All Stars versus a regular season. The challenges all are a variation of something that already happened on the show but your experience from your original season versus all stars makes the difference because you now what to do.

Are u watching this season or do you not have time?

I am, I’m still a huge fan! I’m watching it every week. My top two, at least so far in the competition, are Yvie Oddly and Brooke Lynn Hytes. Also, loooove Plastique.

In regards the All Stars versus Drag Race, some fans feel the All Stars brand is diluting the show because its recycling the same queens in a short period of time. But the other argument is that it offers queens who didn't get much of a chance the first time around to show us more. What are your thoughts?

I have a love/hate relationship with the fan base (laughs). I think most of the girls feel the same way but that goes along with anything in life. The fan base is amazing, if it wasn't for them without them we would not be us. But they sometimes tend to think they know everything, that they’re critics of drag because they watch the show. As far as All Stars vs the regular season, I think the fan base needs to be grateful that society is opening up all these opportunities for LGBT members to have these platforms and they should stop whining about it diluting anything. It’s entertainment. If you’re not interested, don’t watch it.

You’re very vocal about how toxic the fan base has become on social media. Do you feel like this is something that's going to be the direction we keep going on. And if so, what can we do to stop this toxicity on social?

This is the thing, I’m a very positive person. I believe what you give out to the universe is what you get back. I'm also a true southerner true and true and I will speak my mind. If I see things I don’t agree with I will voice my opinion... I do think that a lot of the fan base is ridiculous. Not all of them obviously, but a lot of them are toxic. I don’t think it’s going to go away. I think it's going to get worse as Drag Race becomes more mainstream. You're going to have fans that are amazing and you're going to have the negativity that's part of life. That's something we have to accept.

As we’re saying that drag is becoming more mainstream, it seems that recently drag entertainers across all spectrums are carving out a new category for themselves in the entertainment industry. And it's not just on Drag Race, you see drag queens pop up on other shows, in movies, or popping up on stage with Kacey Musgraves in your case, what are some of the things you’d like to be doing since it seems like there are no limits now?

I’m working on a horror fashion film, not like a full length movie, but more of a visual art piece that’s very fashion, creepy, and beautiful. I have so many projects going on right now that I can’t speak to what they exactly are just yet but I’m in talks with a major network for possibly doing another reality tv show. Aside from those I have three major tours coming up: an American tour, a euro solo tour with all my characters from both seasons combined to tell a full story and I have an Australian tour. A lot going on and I wouldn't have it any other way. I constantly feel like a chicken with its head cut off (laughs).

Have you been to Toronto before?

Yes! I have. I did Toronto pride maybe last year or the year before that. It was a big space with the crowd all the around. Toronto is beautiful. I love that it's very gay friendly, at least in my experience.

Oh no girl, it’s veeeery gay. And lots of local drag queens or queer artists. Do you have any advice for local artists who don’t necessarily have the Drag Race platform and all that comes with it, who are looking to make it in drag?

I’m going to speak very honestly about this. I think it’s important not to be bitter that Drag Race queens are getting paid bigger booking fees in these venues. I think entertainers should take that energy and focus it on themselves. There are so many avenues to become something bigger than just performing in a nightclub three nights a week. You can do it on social media, you can do it on youtube, you can with movies, with music. There are so many opportunities now if you work hard enough you can make it happen. I was a local queen for thirteen-plus years. I know how hard it is to work to get where I am. I can say those thing honestly because I’ve been there. If you’re not happy with your situation, change it. It's not easy but you can do it. You need to have the willpower, the drive and the motivation.

Changing gears to the stuff that really matters, clothes. One of my favourite looks of yours is your Linda Evangelista/90’s leather look as well as the green Prada/Sarah Paulson-inspired entrance dress with the orange wig. What are some of yours?


I love those too as well as the ‘curves and swerves’ which was so fun. And then my finale dress was stunning. I’m going to wear it on tour. It’s made for me to lip sync in and has three costume changes built in!

As you look back, do you feel like there was anything you wanted to do or looks you wanted to showcase that you weren’t able to?  

No, I’m a big believer everything thing happening for a reason. There's nothing that I would change. A lot of people touch on it being a double crowning and yes the competitor in me would've preferred to win on my own but at the end of the day there is a reason why that happened. It's not always just about you in this universe. There's room for everybody and there's room for success for everybody. I’m totally okay with it and at the end of the day there's nothing better than a gay man winning something on national television. The fact that there's two is even better. That we can celebrate these queer entertainers who have reached their goals is where people should be focusing their energy on. I hope this show continues to keep opening a lot of doors for a lot of people.

And finally, over the years of you being a fan of the show who are some of the queens you’ve looked up to?

There's so many people that have been on the show that have inspired me that I've then met in person who also blew me away. Some of the obvious choices like Alaska is amazing and so good at what she does. Bianca (Del Rio) is a clear role model in the aspect of someone you should try to develop your career like. She's a multi millionaire now! She travels non stop and good for her. Sasha Velour for example has turned into a powerhouse.  I think that there's less people that I don’t look up to from the show than ones I do. It would be a countless list.

You’re one of them for many people, you should know that.

Aww thank you, I really appreciate that!

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