What to see at the 2018 Bi Arts Fest

What to see at the 2018 Bi Arts Fest

Did you know that Toronto hosts the world’s largest festival dedicated to bisexual voices in arts and culture?! This second edition of the Bi Arts Festival offers six days of programming, and we are here for it.

“We exist in an in-between space, and that makes people nervous,” says Catherine Jones, founder of the fest. “Bisexuals are not considered queer enough for LGBTQ+ spaces, but in society at large, coming out as bisexual usually means reactions ranging from disbelief to titillation to a deep mistrust.” This makes for a community that is starving for authentic representation and visibility. 

In just one year, the festival has grown from a weekend to almost a week of visual art, crafts, storytelling, performance, theatre, video, dance, and film, with more than 90 participating artists and performers.  

We’ve rounded up the things we’ll be checking out. See you there?


Visual Art Showcase

Drop in to Beaver Hall Gallery, next door to OCAD, and check out some art made exclusively by bisexual artists from Toronto. From illustration to painting to interactive art, these works will challenge your perception of gender and sexual attraction.

Learn more about the Visual Art Showcase



This is a gem for those of you ready to hear it straight up (pun intended): a one-person show by artist, activist, and poet Eris Eady, who tackles  the complexity of being “Black, bisexual, and mostly cisgender.

Learn more about Wommanish


Author Showcase

A Saturday-afternoon treat that will lead you to discover new voices, this free event highlights work from six authors. And it’s at Glad Day, so you can buy their work and grab a coffee all at the same time.

Learn more about the Author Showcase


How to Self-Suspend

“Part photo-essay, part rope-bondage demonstration,” this workshop performance deals with the effect of violence on the artist’s life and how they reconcile it within their life. Their relationship with Toronto’s BDSM community and a life spent between Canada’s east and west coasts is just the start of this promising performance.

Learn more about How to Self-suspend


Velvet: A Bi Arts Cabaret

nThe festival wraps up with an exciting evening of performancer: comedy, burlesque, rapping, dance, poetry, and more. A little taste of everything the community has to offer to quench your bi arts thirst. 

Learn more about the Velvet Cabaret

Check out biartsfestival.com for the full program. 


We collaborated with the folks at the Bi Arts Festival to create a cute playlist of bi artists who make our LGBTQ community shine. Take time to look at their Spotify account for more bi+ content! 

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