Where to watch the Oscars in Toronto

Where to watch the Oscars in Toronto

The Academy Awards is a big deal, and you know the straights can’t appreciate a dreamy dress on the red carpet or a pertinent political statement on the stage. You need to be with your people. Thankfully, Toronto has a handful of queer and queer-friendly viewing parties where you can take in the spectacle properly.




In addition to its own gold-painted Oscar boy, this village hangout’s viewing party has two lovely hostesses in Lou Lou and Gina Hamilton. Play trivia during the award show to win amazing prizes.


120 Diner

For the discerning Oscars viewer, Jenna Warriner and Jennifer Walls host a party complete with prizes, an Oscar pool, and live performances of Oscar-winning songs. Red carpet-worthy attire is encouraged.



The local gay sports bar’s old school celebration will feature the one and only Joan Rivers (who looks pretty good for a dead lady)! This apparition (who is actually drag queen Jezebel Bardot) will award prizes to those who dress to impress for the bar’s red carpet.



In honour of the big day, the Church Street staple will forego the dirty movies and turn on the awards on the Sailor side of the bar — with volume! The bar’s regular lineup of drag shenanigans will go on as usual on the Woody’s side.



The Royal Cinema

For the viewer who prefers to be at the mercy of the chatty and probably drunk Allysin Chaynes (drag queen and host extraordinaire), there’s a special Oscar-edition of the recurring Screen Queens. Put on your best red carpet duds, and then maybe put a protective poncho on over that.  


The Gladstone Hotel

The ever friendly queer west hotspot will feature a charming atmosphere and booze and two wonderful hosts — Nicole Stamp and Kaleb Robertson. They will help you explore burning questions about Hollywood doings as you await the moments of truth.

And here is a picture of the gorgeous Canadian delight Ryan Gosling. Because he was at the Oscars at some point and he is cute... so that's it!

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