Who to follow on queer Twitter right now

Who to follow on queer Twitter right now

Oh, Twitter. Glorious underbelly of the internet. At its worst, it’s like being trapped in the mind of your racist aunt. But at its best? It’s a veritable waterfall of hilarious gay news, jokes, memes, and thirst traps. Want to know about the next hottest party or looking for RuPaul’s Drag Race tea? Need at least ten hairy pectorals before lunch? And what about the issues, for all of you woke baes? Gay Twitter is here for you, gurl.

Besides Yohomo (@weareyohomo), Toronto has its own pocket of LGBTweeters to keep you informed, horny, and everything in between. 

Anthony Oliveira - @meakoopa

Anthony is one of Toronto’s biggest social media influencers, with 58k followers, a regular podcast, and articles on Hazlitt and Torontoist (to name a few). And his content is a grab bag of all things gay and local – with news, politics, and LGBT media. There’s something here for everyone. 

Shawn Micallef  - @shawnmicallef

For all you urban-planning queers, Shawn Micallef’s Twitter feed is a must. A columnist for the Toronto Star, a co-founder of Spacing magazine, and the author of numerous books on our fair city, Shawn’s feed is a veritable wealth of news and information on municipal politics, civic history, and even local architecture. This one’s for you brainy kweens.

A Bearded Boy - @domisadog

But where’s the dick, right? You’re sitting there, reading this article and rolling your eyes. “JP, where’s the dick? I just want DICK.” Well, here’s the dick, you guys. Here’s the dick. Aside from being an artist, activist, and lovely human being, Dom is also a very beautiful man who has no problem sharing his wealth with us, and we’re all richer for it. Pro tip: Be careful visiting his account at work. 

Elle Chronique (Lauryn Kronick) - @ellechronique

Glitter genderqueers unite! Co-owner of Glad Day Bookshop, chair of the marketing committee at Inside Out, and one of the community’s most cherished activists, Lauryn brings just the right blend of woke and party to your feed. Whether it’s the nearest rally OR dance night, Lauryn has you covered. 

Jordan Appugliesi - @JordanApps

Jordan is a central voice in Toronto’s gay Twitteratti, with memes and jokes in endless supply. But as both an accomplished journo and the social media voice of Netflix Canada, he’s the go-to source for up-to-date info on all your favourite shows. Also, a Real Housewives meme for every occasion. 


One of Toronto’s most popular sex-positive dance parties for over five years, Trade is also a Twitter mainstay, with tons of horned-up content alongside party info – all curated by DJ and producer @NeverForgets. Looking to get off but too lazy to check Tumblr? There’s a good chance you’ll find something here. 

Krevin (Kevin James) - @Kjfkid

This self-described “internet troll” is one of the funniest local tweeters, with hot takes on everything from gay dating to Jane Krakowski. Oh, and he’s also a babe, should you choose to peruse his Instagram

Glad Day Bookshop - @GDBooks

One of the biggest success stories to come out of Church-Wellesley in the last few years was the successful rebranding of Glad Day from quaint LGBTQ bookshop to full-on community hub. Stay on top of their programming by adding them to your followers list. 

Rainbow Railroad - @RainbowRailroad

As an organization invested in helping LGBTQ people around the globe escape persecution and violence, Rainbow Railroad is doing incredibly important work. And their Twitter feed keeps you in the loop on both their programs AND pertinent stories affecting the community. Stay woke, my babies.

Toronto Cat Rescue - @TorontoCatRescu

I snuck this in here. Cats are great.

Rodney Diverlus - @rodneydiverlus

Cultural commentator and artist, Rodney is a great follow for anyone looking to dig into issues of representation in media. Highly recommended. 

Farrah Khan - @farrah_khan

In her own words: “Farrah has spent two decades raising awareness about the intersections of gender-based violence and equity through art creation, education, counselling and advocacy.” A fantastic follow.

Other accounts you should follow to keep with local queer things!

Politics, Art, & News

Pride Toronto (@PrideToronto)

Xtra (@dailyxtra)

The Village (@ChurchWellesley)

The 519 (@The519)

Inside Out LGBT Film Festival (@InsideOutTO)

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (@buddiesTO)

Funny/Pop Culture

Chris Hanna (@Chris_Hanna)

McCree’s Italian Accent (@henryevil)

Martha Chaves (@TheMarthaChaves)

Elvira Kurt (@ELtotheVEE)

Scott Thompson (@ScottThompson_)

Gavin Crawford (@TVGavin)

Shawn Hitchins (@ShawnHitchins)

Ryan G. Hinds (@ryanghinds)

News & Weather

Arshy Mann (@ArshyMann

Bill Coulter (@BillCoulterTO

Also, everyone should follow me, @jplarocque, because I offer humour, insight, thirst traps, weather, woke activism, dance parties, cats, and butts. 

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