9 queer films to see at Hot Docs Festival 2019

9 queer films to see at Hot Docs Festival 2019

Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary festival is back - this year running from Apr. 25th to May 6th. From films about the evolution emojis to a documentary biography of an octogenarian sex therapist  - Hot Docs’ offerings are as diverse as ever. To save you time (since we know you have to plan your after party schedule too) - Yohomo has rounded up some of queerest films in the lineup.

Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts

RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars winner Trixie Mattel takes viewers backstage as she tours her first one-woman show. Moving Parts isn’t a feature-length version of the deliciously catty Untucked, instead it shows the rigors of life on the road and the mental & emotional strains of instant, post-reality TV fame. 

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Drag Kids

If Trixie Mattel is one of the reigning super queens of our current Golden Age of Drag, get ready to meet the next generation of lip-synch assassins. Preteens Stephan, Jason, Bracken and Nemis are young drag artists, isolated at school but adored by their parents, prepping for a major group performance at Montreal Pride and finding friendship along the way.  Don’t miss your chance to see the stars of Drag Kids perform at Glad Day’s Drag Brunch 4/27 as well.

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Long Time Comin’

Included as part of the REDUX program, which brings older docs back the glorious big screen,  1993’s Long Time Comin’ explores the lives & works of two Black queer Canadian women artists: Faith Nolan & Grace Channer. Celebrated author Dionne Brand directed this incisive piece for Studio D, the NFB’s feminist film-production unit. 

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Killing Patient Zero

Following his death in 1984, Québécois flight attendant Gaétan Dugas became known to the world as “Patient Zero” - the man incorrectly accused of bringing AIDS to North America.  Laurie Lynd’s doc, inspired by Richard McKay’s book Patient Zero and the Making of the AIDS Epidemic, examines the virulent homophobia in the false “Patient Zero” medical narrative and tries to restore dignity to life of a man unfairly demonized. 

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XY Chelsea

After her 35 year prison sentence was commuted by President Obama, Chelsea Manning reentered a world changed by rising populism, the election of Trump and even her own whistleblowing. As she adjusts to her new reality as a free woman and public figure, Manning quickly throws herself back into the political fray - contending with escalating alt right views and attacks on the transgender community. 

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Authentically Us

Part of the festival’s interdisciplinary DocX section, Authentically Us is a three-part virtual reality series about trans and non-conforming individuals across the states, including a Two-Spirit historian and a military veteran & civil rights activist. Authentically Us places you in the living, work and performance spaces of these subjects as they tell their stories

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Beauty & Decay

If you’re a hard-partying club kid or a randy leather daddy who has spent time in Berlin - odds are high you’ve crossed paths with Sven Marquardt. The inscrutable, heavily tattooed Marquardt is the bouncer for Berghain -  the ultimate temple of techno. Before he was turning folks away from one of the world’s greatest clubs, Marquardt was a photographer capturing the punk scene in a divided Berlin. This documentary portrait explores Marquardt’s early days as an artist and his current attempt to reconnect with his past muses . 

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Take Me To Prom

For some of us, it was a great night with friends. For some of us it never happened. For some of us it was a living nightmare! A group of unique, highly entertainting and adorable people bring us back to their queer prom night. “Vivid memories of the music, dancing, outrageous stories and poignant moments make the event an unforgettable turning point in a journey of unapologetic queer identity and expression.” Don’t miss the After Prom party happening May 1 at Striker, the city’s only gay sports bar!

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The beautiful, heartbreaking and eye-opening story of Freddy, a young British Trans man trying to be a father. It’s an emotional ride as Freddy navigates family and themselves in this revealing doc.

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Hot Cocks 10!

Yup, the annual celebration of queer and sex-positive films turns 10 this year!!! Friday, April 26 Peter Knegt hosts along with DJs Regina Gently, Vanessa and Phillippe inside Parkdale’s Parts and Labour. Cum one, cum all!

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