Yohomo's 2018 year in queer

Yohomo's 2018 year in queer

It was a helluva year, friends. We’re freaking exhausted from all the parties and politics (and political parties). The holidays are a time of reflection, and we’ve had some time to pick out the most notable bits of queer news that shaped our year for better (or worse). We’re firm believers in wrapping things up (it’s just the right thing to do, you know?). So here’s our annual queer recap in all its glory. Don’t miss our Queer video round up and the first-ever Yohomo awards!

Let’s be grateful we survived another year and look forward to a new year where we paint everything and everyone in rainbow hues.



Love, Simon

Finally, a teenage romcom John Hughes would be proud of is released! And it’s GAY! Love, Simon stars Nick Robinson as Simon Spier, a high school student coming to terms with his identity as he struggles to keep his sexuality a secret from his parents (Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel) and classmates. We belly-laughed and we cried real tears of joy and sorrow, remembering our own coming-out stories and thinking about how freaking awesome it is to not be in that high school trash fire anymore. 


// ART

Giant penis mural that drew shock and scorn painted over

Okay, if you can’t appreciate the humour and artistry of a giant dick mural in the biggest city in the world, then you probably don’t deserve to be on this planet. Go to Mars, where there are no dicks at all. Seriously: NASA may send only females to Mars to avoid anyone having sex for the one-and-a-half-year mission (an interesting theory likely thought of by a straight male assuming that sex won’t happen without  penises present – although some respect is due, as they knew the men would instantly fuck each other). THAT’S NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. The point is that artist Carolina Falkholt, whose other work includes far more abstract images of vaginas, was commissioned to paint the mural, which has created controversy for the harassment it causes the public. Sure, we get it – it could be triggering, and that is super serious. No doubt about it. However, we believe “artist intent” means more for this mural. Falkholt told the Guardian her work was often about “not feeling ashamed of your body and who you are as a sexual being.” She elaborates: “I usually paint giant vaginas, pussies and cunts, and since I had just finished one on the side of a five-storey building, I felt like a dick was needed. The wall space on Broome was a perfect fit for it. To paraphrase [artist] Judith Bernstein, if a dick can go into a woman, it can go up on a wall.” Something to think about. 


Robyn released the best song of the year

No surprise here: Honey was our anthem this year, and Robyn was our goddamn spirit animal. The track off her new album of the same name plays like a silky smooth spoonful of Billy Bee glazing your ears with its golden splendour. Are we selling this enough? Just listen to it already! If you didn’t go to a Robyn-themed party in 2018, did you even live? Seriously, we’re concerned for your well-being. 



Cuba eliminates gay-marriage language from new constitution

Unfortunately for our queer brothers and sisters in Cuba, the world is still an unwelcoming, shadowy elephant graveyard in spots. Lest we forget that in many places around the world, and even in our own backyard, there are still  battles to be won in terms of raising consciousness and changing perspectives. The main theme of this year – nay, this decade? Never take anything for granted, never become complacent. It’s so special (and super important) that even when the world throws us shade, we’re still out there waving the rainbow flag twice as hard as before. That’s what  we’ll be doing at 2019 Pride, with one hand at least – because the other will be used to cheers with our Cuba libres. 



Ex-Dallas Cowboy Jeff Rohrer to wed same-sex partner

We freaking love when queers make history, and this one was a long time coming. Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jeff Rohrer, 59, married his bae, Joshua Ross, 36, and became the first NFL player ever to marry his same-sex partner. Jeff was completely in the closet before the two met at a bar in 2015. Sheesh, guys, it’s not a big deal if you like wieners; you run around with balls all day and take showers together. You’re just one camping trip away from Brokeback, babes. Grow up, get over it, embrace the power of your fully expressed sexuality. Anyways, congratulations and thanks for breaking the seal, Jeff! Hopefully others will follow your example (hopefully without the years of staying closeted, because that’s just your best sex years wasted on being ashamed for no reason.) 



Paris Lees is Vogue’s first transgender columnist

You go, Paris Lees! Lees is the first trans person to become a columnist at Vogue, writing the biweekly “The Life-Changing Power Of…” column. It’s been a hot couple of years for trans visibility and trans rights, and it means a lot to have more diverse voices in major publications. Vogue is in its 125th year, showing that age and institution don’t mean a thing when you stay current with the times. Being woke is so in fashion – let’s hope that never goes out of style. 


LGBTQ Christmas charity sends cards to the lonely

Well, try not to get emotional learning about what 20-year-old El is doing to help LGBTQ homies all over the world feel less isolated and more connected to a supportive community. She’s organized a team of volunteers in the Rainbow Cards Project to write cards to those whose families have abandoned them since learning they were gay – a reality all too common for our community. It’s so sad to think about a world where your family cannot see and accept the beauty of who you are in 4K HD. At least we have people like El making a huge impact with one small act of kindness. Faith in humanity restored. Send some cards to Cuba; I think they need some right now.

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