LULU v.5 – and nothing could ever be the same

  • Buddies in Bad Times 12 Alexander Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 1B4 Canada

Nelli, eve, mignon, daisy, master, monster, lover, slut. call her whatever you like: the one thing that doesn’t change is that lulu changes everything.

Over three years in residence at buddies in bad times and presentations in toronto, london, and berlin, we’ve deconstructed and interrogated frank wedekind’s iconic femme fatale. now we’re doubling back to his original story, transmuting wedekind’s gaze – its passion, problems, and pitfalls—into the 21st century as fodder for our mainstage presentation at buddies next year.

lulu v.5 // is a fantasy—no, a funeral—comedy, carnival, farce. it’s a love story (or seven)—or a sequence of snapshots of the people we’re desperately afraid we might become when we find ourselves in love.