Yohomo x Tamika

'Aliens humping at the function' is how TAMIKA would describe her exclusive mix. Hailing from NYC and currently based in Toronto, TAMIKA has played popular Toronto jams YesYesY'all and Pride's Blockorama, as well as Ottawa's OhMyJam and Glowfair Festival. Always dedicated to bridging the gap between each of her influences - from rap cypher to gay ballroom vogue ,DJ Tamika brings her Hip Hop, Dancehall, and RnB roots to the decks. You can catch her playing at J E L L Y at Glad Day next Saturday. Bounce away into space with her musical magic.


Yohomo x Kris Steeves

Kris Steeves is a Toronto treasure. You won't hear a kuntier set of house classics, deep cut and disco dynamite anywhere in the city, that's a guarantee. There's a je-ne-c'est-quoi behind his sets, his energy and those eyes. You can catch him DJing the Fit residency at the Beaver in Toronto every fourth Saturday of the Month and big parties like Disco Disco, Pop Machine, Wet Banana and your dreams. Thanks for the mix, Krissy. Our hands are in the air and we just don't care!


Playlist : George Michael

Although its been a few months of his passing, some of us still can't get over losing this icon late last year. To celebrate the life and music of George Michael, a video dance party is happening on Friday April 7th at Wayla and we've compiled our favourite songs on a playlist to forever remember this Gay legend. 


Yohomo x sadziky

DJ Sadziki is a fierce Toronto femme by way of Belgium who throws an Arab techno party called Souk Sessions.
She and her party crew (a collection of super talented artists) already have a steady following because she's damn good and it's unlike anything you've heard before. She's a Euro club girl at heart with Arab, Muslim roots and that divine Middle Eastern mixture shines through in her sound.

She's part of Toronto's new Techno takeover and she has her own night at the ROM on Friday, March 17.

Keep an eye on our events page for her next party and your next dance date.

Big hugs, DJ!


Yohomo x Das Hussy

Toronto's Das Hussy is best known for her electrifying, and hypnotizing sets at Hotnuts, the city's quarterly meeting of dancing freaks, femmes, queers, gays and beasts of all shapes, sizes colours and creeds. 

She's a vinyl-only DJ whose attention to detail and deep love for house music is revealed the second she drops the needle. Behold her exclusive mix for Yohomo and make sure to bring your butt to the next Hotnuts party on March 25!

Smooches, Hussy girl! 


Playlist : the Sex mix

Love is always in the air, if you surround yourself with the right people and cute baby animals. Some believe it's even more around us in Februrary around Valentine's Day. Whether your loving yourself or somebody else this mix of sex music should help get you in the mood to feel the love tonight.

Put this mix on for a body party or a just go on and love yourself.


Yohomo x Desiire

Latest exclusive mix curated by Desiire. Mixed by Jessica Cho.

Desiire is a Toronto based Singer/Songwriter who fuses R&B, Jazz & Soul to create music that is rich with moody simplicity and layered melodies. His new single Mind Body Soul is a fresh offering off of his soon to be released As I Go Along Series. Follow him on Soundcloud.

Jess Cho is a Toronto based DJ/Artist that makes moody electronic music that floats in and out of abstraction. Follow her on Soundcloud.


Yohomo x Ace Dillinger

Ace Dillinger is a fierce female DJ female claiming and celebrating space in a male dominated industry. She DJs queer parties like Brown Rice, Goodies and Bare Gyal to name a few and to try and put her style in a box is basically impossible. She fearlessly blends genres, her style is sickening and she has a heart of gold.

We're happy to call her a sister in the Yohomo fam and she's created this mixtape for us and for you.

Catch her at the Gladstone's Come Up To My Room party Saturday, January 21.

Big hugs, miss thing!



It's FRIDAY, lovers, so to warm up your weekend we bring you our latest Yohomo Mix, courtesy of KARIM OLEN ASH.

A DJ who's part of the fashion and music collective SYBIL, Karim has played sets at Living and Business Woman's Special, and can be caught at the members-only club Soho House and the Thompson Hotel Toronto. He plays everything from vogue house, techno and disco to hip hop and RnB, mixing it all into one set that will make you MOVE your body and LIVE your life. 

His mix for us today is mostly house vibes. Thanks, Karim!



Our Australian queen and saviour, Kylie Minogue, has been delivering dance hits for decades and we love her for it. She's our stunning little pixie who seems to never quite take off in North America for some silly reason. But we're better off for it, so who cares.

This is a mix created by our very own DJ Phil V for the upcoming Kylie extravaganza happening at the Gladstone Hotel on Friday, December 9.

See you there!



It's FRIDAY, so it's the perfect time to release our latest YOHOMO mixtape to jumpstart your weekend. Super talented Dj (and writer) AERYN PFAFF (DFMO, TRADE) Graces us with his GODDESS - TROPHY WIFE mixtape in honour of tonight's party at the Gladstone Hotel. Go on let your inner trophy wife BE FREE.




5 words that came to mind by hosts Mike Yerxa and April Wozny to describe Business Woman's Special.  The Kensington monthly turns 7 tonight and has no plans on stopping judging by the lineups down the block to get in to Round every time. To celebrate we put together a list of dancefloor essentials from Resident DJs Sammy Royale, Nino Brown & Diego Armand.

Get there early, see you tonight!



We are so excited to kick off your weekend with our latest YOHOMO mix series. Tonight we present FRUSTRA

Frustra is an experimental house music project by producer and percussionist Landan Brawley from Ottawa. While he originally meant to focus on Future Garage and UK House, he eventually developed and grew into a more Chicago and Detroit sound. Frustra has opened for Deko-ze, Jerome Robins and MALAA. You may also have caught him at the MADE IN CANADA stage at Pride Toronto earlier this year.

You can can check him at OMNI, hi new Saturday night at The Beaver on Nov. 19th. The night will focus on vintage house sounds and quirky underground techno along with a total commitment to being an inclusive space where everyone can lose themselves and be themselves. He is also currently finishing his next EP release which is due out on OKNF Collective in early 2017.



Our french Queen Céline has had a very big year. Sure she has a new album, an exclusive English single and hit the state in Vegas again, but her life also changed forever with the loss of her husband. She looked daaaaamn good at that funeral, but all our hearts broke for her during this period, didn't they? 

She lost the love of her life, so let's send her all the love we can by listening to all the hits and not-so-much hits. There's also a huge Celine Dion dance party at The Gladstone Friday, Nov. 4 put on by local Franco dance party Tapette.



DJs Cam Lee and Buzz are two separate entities. They are our favourite aliens in the city of Toronto. They some the greatest and strangest dance parties in the city and take the business of dressing up extremely seriously.

They created these two mixes together, they're very long and takes you off planet earth, into space and back and then down to the centre of the earth. Easy listening to the XTREME.

Massive hugs and air kisses to Cam and Buzz for these essential mixtapes/soundscapes.

Follow Cam here: https://soundcloud.com/cgl
Follow Buzz on Instagram: @buzzforbuzz



Cozmic Cat is, in our humble opinion, one of the greatest DJs in Toronto. Not only can she bring an entire room of LGBTQ's to their knees (as we witnessed at the massive ROM party over Pride 2016), but she can throw a sweaty residency called Cherry Bomb and rock with the best of them at any type of venue. Her sound is positive, happy, soulful, tropical and uplifting. Much like the woman herself.

We're honoured to collaborate with her on this mixtape, and you can follow her here:




It's DRAG RACE Thursday! To get you into the mood we compiled EVERY final two LIPSYNC FOR YOUR LIFE songs from seasons 1-8 (ALL STARS seasons included!). Even if you're not a fan of Rupaul's Drag Race you can't hate on any of these classique Diva hits. We'll keep adding new songs as episodes are aired so you can relive the drama over and over again. So enjoy!

If you don't have access to ALL STARS at home, make sure to check our event listings viewing party options, it's best enjoyed while drinking with friends anyway.



Fawn Big Canoe is one of our fave good time party DJs in the city. Not only does she constantly throw good queer bashments all over Toronto, she's part of the legendary Motown Party crew.

We highly recommend following her around for a guaranteed sweat fest by checking out her parties in our events section. Besides that you can find her on Facebook and Mixcloud.

We love you Fawn! Keep keeping on!



Dolly Parton has been a queer hero since she crawled out from underneath her 50 brothers and sisters in that mountain home. She's always been 100% herself and pushed that lifestyle on everyone else. This is best shown through her music. 

She's got 43 solo albums, four live albums, two holiday albums, three Dollywood exclusive albums (we highly recommend a visit!) and about 84 compilations worldwide. That doesn't include the countless duet albums.  She's done country, bluegrass, pop, disco, rock, honky tonk and gospel, all the while stealing our hearts. Below is a playlist we created to pay tribute to early songs, mid-career 80's hits and later beauties. Get it, cowgirl.



Our friends A Digital Needle are the latest to collaborate with us on a mix! They're monthly party Beam Me Up is Toronto's greatest disco party, hands down (and then hands back up!). They've played at the Green Space Festival's Sunday love fest Disco Disco for a number of years, throw one offs in odd places in the city and are beautiful gentlemen.  

Beam Me Up turns four on September 10, 2016, so make sure to get your butt there and let this funkysexy mix get you in the mood for the weekend and every weekend for the rest of your life.

Here's where to find them:



Sammy Rawal is our of fave DJs and humans in Toronto in general. Part of the team that created Yes Yes Y'all he can also be seen/heard at Business Woman's Special (monthly gay Saturday in Kensington Market). Not only is he an ultra talented video director/producer/editor/hunk, he's got a heart of gold and hands that create mixes like this one, exclusively for Yohomo.