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Call for Submissions: Queer Love and Desire

The RUDE Collective is looking for art works around the theme of queer loves and desires for their next queer art dance party. RUDE is looking for video work, installation work, and performance. We are interested in celebrating and showcasing queer love and desire, from an intersectional and anti-oppression framework which also examines the hierarchies of queer love and desire within the queer community. We are looking for art works to disrupt, to confront and to challenge our notions of what desire and love are. 

Topics to think about:
Decolonized love, love as community, being single, non-monogamy, polyamory, asexual love, love as resistance, kinship and relationality, non-eurocentric conceptualizations of queerness, self love and self care, and critiques of love and desire. 

RUDE is open to proposals of projects, but they must be completed and ready to be shown on February 10th. 

Send your submissions to [email protected] by **JANUARY 16TH, 2017** at MIDNIGHT (11:59pm)
Please put 'RUDE Art Submission' in the subject title.

Include the following:
- A short artist statement (75-100 words)
- Project statement (75-100 words)
- Project or piece you are submitting (jpeg or a link to video/audio or installation work)
- Art Work details (image sizes, video duration or installation/physical pieces sizes)
- Link to Website, Instagram or facebook (include your handle or username if applicable)

**Unfortunately, due to the nature of the party, we cannot accept work that is fragile or easily breakable. **

~ The artists we featured at our last event were Kent Monkman, Maddie Alexander and Kiley May. To see more about our last event visit

~ 40% of proceeds for this event go to Egale Canada Human Rights Trust. Egale promotes and fosters the human rights and equitable inclusion of LGBTQ people in community, schools, and work through consultation, programs and services, training & development and community engagement.

What is The RUDE Collective? 
Rude is an acronym for Real Unapologetic Diverse Expression. We are a collective of individuals whose main objective is to create positive spaces for queer folks (especially queer people of colour).

We are here to be the voice for those whose mere existence can sometimes be rude and to create a space for this type of expression through a dance party that focuses on Queer POC-centric music and expression and allows those individuals to enjoy themselves in an environment curated for that type of expression.

It is an affirmative, positive response to the reaction to queer culture by the mainstream gay culture. Queer culture is too explicit, sexual, too far left, weird and different. Often times, our existent in spaces is considered RUDE as we are not welcome in many queer spaces. It’s the reclaiming of the different and the RUDE and positioning it as a positive thing.

It is also a response to those who deem cultural expression of minorities which is in many cases misunderstood, as something rude. Dancing, language, art, visual arts from these communities are many times considered rude. 

The RUDE Collective thanks and acknowledges the land on which we live and work, which is the territory of the Huron-Wendat and Petun First Nations, the Seneca, and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. We see this land acknowledgement as a continued conversation to have with ourselves and others on how some benefit from settler colonialism and how to challenge that in our social situations and general society. Further, looking for tools to decolonize our every day lives, the institutions we work, live or study in, and the social spaces in which we occupy.

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