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Bathhouse & Body Works: Best Lil' Bathhouse in Texas

  • Oasis Aqualounge 231 Mutual Street Toronto, ON, M5B 2B4 Canada (map)

A Quite Root-Tootin Monthly Queer Bathhouse Night of Drag, Performance, and Fetish.. 

This month celebrates the small town that lives within us all. The one we escaped from, the one that made you listen to Broski Beat, the Daddy next door, the one from Stone Butch Blues. The wearing of plaid, the train tracks.

The picture of is a small gay bar that opened up in my hometown. It is in an old convenience store. You can smoke inside. There are pool tables and darts. It is next to five million used car sales lots. The people are friendly, orientations and gender are ambiguous. When you are different, you gotta band with other different people. There aren't enough pool tables for you otherwise. 

Some come bring your small-town realness to the big city mansion that isOasis. We've gotta lot going on in this tiny package., like Thermalwear with a buttflap.

Performances by Fisher Price, Jacklynne Hyde, Luke Thighlocker and DJ Cam Lee. Pole dancing, Tarot Reading, Super Fetish, Visuals

Hot Tub + Heated Pool + Sauna + Showers + Dungeon + ‘Rooms for Activities’ by Oasis Aqua Lounge

Your host ADAM “Steers & Whatever Else" COWAN is here for your questions and inspections.

There's now a group for you to keep abreast of things -

$20 Gender Neutral Pricing @ ze door. 
No Pre-Sales.
Includes Locker & Towels & Full Access. 
Be sure to bring your ID. Very strict.
Wear as much as everything or as little as nothing.


Oasis Aqualounge
231 Mutual St.
Toronto, ON

This event is for all orientations and all gender identities. Unfortunately, the venue is sans accessible.

We do our best to make this a good time for everyone. If you find anybody not respecting you for ANY reason, please alert security, the staff, or Adam.

Earlier Event: January 13
DJ Kitty Glitter
Later Event: January 15
Festival Party