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Land of Seven Houses Ball


Official details below:

“Mark Williams, Karim Olen Ash & Aura—with the support of Belvedere Vodka—present the Land of Seven Houses Ball!

Welcome aboard our 7-stop flight across the globe with final destination of—well—right back here in Toronto. But you know what they say, it’s the journey that matters. And oh honey, talk about a journey! Get ready for one the most flamboyant nights of your life. We’re glad you’re here. Now, before we all get confused… No, this is not an airline Ball, but we’re talking about something just as international. Wait and see! 

DJ Karim Olen Ash (Dream 007)
MC Twysted Miyake-Mugler
Hosted by Mark Williams and Aura 007

November 18 @ 8PM
Secret Location
No Cover


RSVP ONLY! Please click ‘Going’ or message @markiedelish or @heterosexism (for anyone who doesn’t have Facebook). If you aren’t on the list prior to the ball, you will NOT get in.


OTA (Open to All) Categories & Order:

1. Virgin Runway – Toronto / Bottle + Trophy
Think Toronto? Think sports! Raptors, Maple Leafs, Blue Jays... Bring it in a sports jersey and strut your way to touchdown—or tens. The jersey MUST represent a Toronto team.

2. Best Dressed – London / Bottle + Trophy
Think Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, or Paul Smith. Get inspired by British icons and bring it in an elevated look that screams London. Note that labels are NOT a necessity; we’re talking about fashion and its essence. 

3. Body – Miami / Bottle + Trophy
It is hot in South Beach tonight! Are you ready for a swim? Pastel, light, and bright… Bring it in a swimsuit that is reminiscent of the colours of Ocean Drive. 

4. Realness – Chicago / Bottle + Trophy
From Lincoln to Obama, will you be the next to set foot into the White House? Bring it in a polished, presidential look. Security can’t catch onto you, so it better be good!

5. Runway – New York / 300$ + Trophy
The whole world turns to New York for NYFW. Get inspired by newer designers: Vaquera, Barragán, Eckhaus Latta, Gypsy Sport, Hood by Air, and many more. Bring it in an out-of-this-world and original look worthy of Fashion Week.

6. Face – LA / 200$ + Trophy
Girl, we all noticed you’ve been missing for 3 weeks. And no, you weren’t at the spa for that long... Now show us what you got done! The eyes? The nose? The skin? The teeth? The structure? All of the above? Fresh out of the doctor's office! Bring it with a pair of sunglasses and your head wrapped in gauze and give us a reveal!

7. Sex Siren – Malibu / 200$ + Trophy
“How are they gonna have a broken toilet right next to a new one?” Remember that? Let’s throw it back to Bring It On: Fight to the Finish. Let your inner Lina loose. Tight shiny underwear? Pompoms? Bring it as a cheerleader.

8. Performance – Berlin / 300$ + Trophy
Do you have what it takes to get into Berghain? Are raver pants back in style? Bring it in a streetwear look that represents Berlin’s vibrant CLUB culture. Sunglasses are a must—I don’t care if you can’t see.”