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Project Pablo x Physical Therapy x Jaime Sin


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▬ Project Pablo [ASL Singles Club / SOBO]

"I think everybody classifies music because it’s easier to talk about it but I don’t like to push it on anybody. And yeah, sure, I’m never going to play a straight House set, I’ve got a lot of different influences and like to include them. And I actually like to play a lot of stuff outside that range.

▬ Physical Therapy [Allergy Season]

"Techno is so propulsive, and they do so much with so little. It gets to a point where there are so many people doing a multi-genre mishmash that's just hitting you over the head with a million sounds. I feel like I got overloaded with that and the SoundCloud edit culture. To see these people who are really caring about a ten-minute song where the only thing that changes is the attack on the hi-hat was really interesting to me. I'm not down to that level of minimalism, but there's something very appealing about that level of focus." 

▬ Jaime Sin

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