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Rebellion - Toronto Pride Ball & Party

  • Phoenix Concert Theatre 410 Sherbourne Street Toronto, ON, M5A 2K3 Canada (map)

“Climaxxx Entertainment is teaming up with the Drinksmith to give you a PRIDE MEGA-EVENT that you will absolutely NEVER forget!! 2 events, and you can do it your way! Not into balls? Come to the party! Not into parties? Come for the shows! 2 Rooms!! 3 Experiences!!

Ballroom has had a triumphant year in Canada, so it’s time for a PRIDE BALL! This year we have so many special surprises in store, so it’s time to get ready for the BALL OF THE YEAR!! We are giving away $3000 in prizes so far, but we are expecting that number to go WAY up as more sponsorship comes in!!

Our special guest performer this year is the Queen Of Ballroom – Legendary Tamiyah Miyake-Mugler. She started out walking performance, but as of late she has been storming the Perfect 10s Category! She is a beautiful woman, with a beautiful spirit, and we are excited to have her to give us a performance, and be our special guest judge.

Opening the ball, we have the Toronto phenom Sydanie doing a special performance. She has been seen and heard EVERYWHERE in Toronto. Hailing from the Jane-Finch community, this rapper is going to force you to think as you move to eclectic rhythms that push the limits of what we call HIP HOP!!

Ball Categories

Open To All FACE – Pageant Queen & King
5 Trophies - 1 Cash Women, Drags, FQ, BQ, Butch & Transman
Crystal Labeija created this world we call ballroom, as an act of protest to the racism black and latinx participants were experiencing in the pageant world. Tonight, I want us to travel back in time to 1967 as we ask walkers to bring it in a Classic Pageant Look.
Female Figures: Face beat to perfection, hair coiffed for battle, and don’t forget the sequins or beads!
Male Figures: Bring it in a classic tailored suit, with dress shoes and a tie.

Tag Team MF & FF Realness – Stonewall Riots
Did you know in the 1960s in NYC, the police were doing raids in LGBT club spaces. During these raids, cisgender gay men and cisgender lesbian women would then grab each other and pretended they were dancing together, leaving trans people to be persecuted by the police. Today we live in a society that embraces the idea of “Realness”, so would the police be able to spook your tea or would they walk on by? Bring it as a couple in complimenting everyday Realness looks.

Open To All Vogue Fem – The Assassins
4 Trophies, 1 Cash - Virgin, RWT, BQVF, Female Figure
There are many people who have given up their lives in the fight for LGBT civil rights, to give us the privileges and freedom we have today. Tonight, we pay homage to all of our fallen soldiers by asking you to bring it in a look inspired by your favorite assassin and don’t Forget your not-so-secret weapon. (Think: Kill Bill, Elektra, The Long Kids Goodnight, James Bond, Naked Weapon, Kitana, Mileena, etc)

Open To All Runway – Rainbow Warriors
4 Trophies, 1 Cash - Virgin, European, All-American, Female Figure
The universal symbol for Pride is a rainbow flag, which was created by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker in 1978. The original flag had 8 colours, but now it has 6 symbolizing: Life, Healing, Sunlight, Nature, Harmony/Peace, & Spirit! Bring it in a Rainbow Inspired effect, using ALL 6 colours. Your look always plus a part in the judging, so put your best foot forward.

Bizarre – Float Your Boat
Pride started off as a protest, and today it’s one of the biggest celebrations around the world. However, let’s not forget the countries which still outlaw anything LGBT. Today the Pride Parade is a staple event not only for LGBT identified people, but for allies as well. Tonight, the runway is your parade and you are an entire float. Bring it to us as a creative Pride Float that incorporates elements of Bizarre.

Body - Embody The Message
4 Trophies - Butch Queen, Butch & Transman, Female Figure, Big Girls
In the several years of the movement, people have used their bodies as art and activism. Painting beautiful messages of love & unity, or bringing up important messages like “Safer Sex” or “Black Lives Matter”. Tonight we want you to turn your body into a living Campaign, geared towards the LGBT movement of your choice, and make sure your body is on point! Be creative!

Best Dressed – Circa: 1987
2 Trophies, 1 Cash
For the first time in History, we have a TV series that is led by an amazing cast of Transwomen of Colour. POSE’s debut season gave us an in-depth look into what life was like in the ballroom community of 1987. There is so much happening in the community now that is the same, but there has been so much that has evolved incredibly as well. Primarily, music and the fashion!! Take us back to 1987, and bring it in a vintage inspired look. Hats, dresses, suits, glasses, whatever makes you feel it. Just be DONE : Circa 1987

Sex Siren - Sex Appeal
2 Trophies, 1 Cash
Sex Sirens are usually naked or in very little clothing, but what about the ability to sell sex... clothed?! Male Figures, bring it in a suit with nothing under. Female Figures, bring it in a skin tight gown and sell it like the vixen within.

Commentator vs Commentator
Bring us a new chant. Period. No remixes, no samples of a hip hop track, no covers, etc. Just a NEW CHANT that you created. For the battles, it will be done like a cypher with all those who got their 10s passing the mic back and forth. The best original commentator wins.

Hand Performance
NO RULES, JUST BRING A PAIR OF GLOVES .. And give us a sickening performance.

Old Way vs New Way
This is the first time we are having this category at a mainstream ball in Toronto, so let’s make sure it is done in the name of the Legends & Icons of VOGUE! Bring it in a classic KARATE SUIT, and give us the spirit of your favorite Old Way or New Way Legend or Icon! Think Willi Ninja, Jamal & Dawan Milan, Daebrian & Brian Balenciaga, Selvin Khan Mizrahi.

After The Ball, we have an amazinggggggg show & party lined up!! GET READY FOR THE SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SHORTLY!!!

Cover for BALL (ONLY)
Early Bird $15 (While supplies last)
Advance $20
Door $25

STAGE SEATING - Seats will be seated on the stage behind the judges for PRIME viewing, only 30 stage seats available
Early Bird $40
Advance $45
Door $50

BALCONY SEATING – An unobstructed balcony view with a private bar, limited seats available
Early Bird $30
Advance $35
Door $40

**House / Group Tables will be seated along the runway, comes with gifts, hors d’oeuvres and finger foods – All those seated must purchase General Admission or walkers tickets – Ideal for groups of 8**
Front Sections $300
Other Sections $200”