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VAZALEEN Rock N Roll Queer Bar Featuring Resident DJs
with Performers Nyssa & Regina Gently
A Benefit For The Will Munro Fund
Supporting Queer And Trans People Living With Cancer

19+ Event

William Grant Munro was born In Sydney, Australia, Feb 11, 1975. His family returned to Canada in late 1975 and settled outside Montreal only to move again in 1980 to Mississauga for which he spent most of his youth and teenage years. Picking up skateboarding, punk rock and hardcore, Will began to define the world that would shape him and in turn, he would shape.

Attending OCA, Will restarted a defunct Lesbian, Bi, Gay, Trans association holding regular night events biweekly assuming seemingly permanent volunteer residence at the Toronto Queer Youth Hotline and playing in multiple bands, as well as making his artwork and traveling extensively.

Near the end of his time at OCA Will had established quite a name for himself amongst diverse communities but there was something that he felt lacking .... a bridge that bound them together. After a run in with a right wing journalist at the National Post/ radio talk show host over the subversive nature of Will's artwork, he was catapulted into public view. This allowed him to build the world he had started envisioning when he was in his early teen years. A world where Art, Music, Sexuality, Community was for everyone. It was not to be hidden, condemned or isolated to safe spaces but to be brought forth into the world and celebrated. This was the world of Vazeline.

This was the magic that is Will Munro. This was his gift to a world that turns it's back on the small, the meek and the disenfranchised. In the face of the bleak architecture of Toronto, Will planted a flower of life. To say he will live on in every action of beauty, community, protest and dance beat is all he would ever want.

We love you Will!

William Grant Munro
Feb 11, 1975 - May 21, 2010

Will is survived by his boyfriend Peter Ho, His loving parents Margaret and Ian Munro, his brother David Munro and partner Lisa Doody and nephews Maddox (Mother Laura Dwyer) & Arlo Munro.

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