TIFF Gay Guide 2019

Queer films (and movies queers will just love) at TIFF 2019 aren’t abundant this year, but there’s still some quality content we’re excited about - and we’ve listed them here to help guide you through the Toronto International Film Festival.

Creature Feature: Mango Sassi

Creature feature goes global alien glam with our latest victim, Mango Sassi! With next-level makeup, hair and influences drawn from the most gorgeous places, Mango is bringing a new colour, vibe and performance level to our city’s drag scene. We asked her some things ….

Q&A with Pabllo Vittar

Pabllo Vittar is a wonder. She’s like a paranormal activity want want to land in our yard and stay for the weekend. She’s Brazilian royalty, a Latin American high priestess of dance, song and fashion. She’s a great ball of fire slowly taking over the globe and we asked local Portuguese Drag diva Miss Moço (who also got to intro Vittar on stage at Pride) to talk to her and ask about drag, her beginnings and what’s next!