Where to watch the Oscars in Toronto

The Academy Awards is a big deal, and you know the straights can’t appreciate a dreamy dress on the red carpet or a pertinent political statement on the stage. You need to be with your people. Thankfully, Toronto has a handful of queer and queer-friendly viewing parties where you can take in the spectacle properly.

Yohomo NYE Party Guide 2017

We're really proud of our 2017, and hope that you all find something to be proud about from these past 12 months. Think of this list of queer New Year's Eve parties as a celebration of the past year and a kick-off for the next year of love and big things. 

A (sexy) interview with Michael Snipe Jr.

Michael Snipe Jr has one of the most beautiful smiles we've ever met. Just look. at. it.

He's also a man of many talents, has a heart of gold, is hot as all hell and is coming to Toronto to help host Boner at Club120 this Saturday. He likes musicals, but he also likes sweaty leather parties. We got to know him, and how he likes to hold beer cups, with this quick and sexy Q&A.

Toronto's Latinx takeover

In case you don't know what Latinx stands for, we've caught up the thriving community to let you know what's up. If you do already or are a part of it, thank you for heating up Toronto, and check out who we think are the key players right now.